Sunday, October 10, 2004

Bad Blogger

The idea was to try writing every day. Yeah, right. The only thing I do everyday is laundry. Piles of it. And I knit, almost everyday.

Sooo... To catch up. Jack and Jill translated into 400 lbs of the most beautiful pork I've ever seen. Jill had almost no fat on her at all. Jack had some, mostly on the back. I am glad they are in the freezer. No more hauling feed and water to them. Or cleaning the pen. On the other hand, they were the perfect compost bins!! They met their end a week and a half ago.

In other news, the farm thrums are complete. Nothing complicated there. The thumbs gave me a bit of grief, but overall, I am very happy with them. They are big, fluffy and no doubt warm!

A week ago sunday, I helped a farmer friend dig potatoes. Huge amounts of potatoes. Talk about back breaking work. And my heart didn't take it so well when, digging thought the dirt for another potato, my hand found something quite squishy that when I tried to brush the dirt off, it wiggled and jumped off my hand. A toad. Big toad. Heart attack city! Good grief. In total, I dug up 3 toads. Only squealed a little. Honest.

This past Friday afternoon, I was invited back to above mentioned farm to pick dry beans. I took Brianna with me. Needless to say, she got bored rather quickly. After much whining and complaining, I spead out a feedbag for her to lay on and once she got comfortable, and whined a bit more about wanting to go home, she fell asleep. Bless her soul. I was only half-done at that point. So I picked the plants and dumped them on a pile close to Brianna. Then I plopped myself down on the dirt and started picking. A lot where not dry yet, it seemed like such a waste. But eventually the cows will clean up the leftovers.

I've been attending meetings at Colin's elementary school. Getting involved. Home and School Association, Playground sub-committee, fundraising committee, library volunteer. Researching playgrounds and fundraising ideas.

Now the goal is to make many mittens for the mitten mania at Colin's school. A very good cause.

Well, the rain has arrived. I will be milking Linda in the rain. Oh joy. Serves me right for needing my coffee first.