Thursday, June 30, 2011


That was the sound of my yarn diet getting blasted. OH Well! Almost lasted 6 full months. See, it all started with a find of two balls of Lopi (one green, one purple) at Frenchies. Total cost: 70 cents! Could. Not. Resist. Looks like I may have to get back to slipper knitting. Then I accidentally (yeah right) ended up at Have a Yarn in Mahone Bay. Heather had Merino/Cashmere for 50% off. I would have been insane to pass that up. It's Punta Yarns' MERICASH SOLID. So soft it should be illegal. I'm just saying. Such yarny goodness = yummm!

In other news, I joined Tour de Fleece on Ravelry. It starts July 2nd and goes until July 24th. Having joined two teams, Team Kromski 2011 and Team Canada 2011, I have big plans to spin for at least a couple hours each day, use up my fibre stash, and probably even get started on those fleeces I bought at Gaspereau Valley Fiber during the Back to Back competitions. I already washed the one I bought last year, so it just needs to be carded. I might get a chance to wash this year's fleece tomorrow since it's supposed to be a really nice day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


A while ago I finally finished this little quilt. It's my first following an actual pattern; more or less anyway, since I actually made it bigger than the pattern called for. It's a perfect size for tucking around me while I read, except that I keep finding it on my daughter's bed. I love it. It makes it seem like spring/summer inside even though the temperatures have been unseasonably low.

Which brings me to my point. It's time to start another quilt. I've been looking at my quilting magazines and quilting books I've borrowed from the library. I've been eyeballing my fabric stash (yes, I have one of those too. Don't judge me!) So far all I've managed to figure out is that I want to make a quilt that will fit at least a twin sized bed, preferably larger. I want to use fabrics that will make me happy. I don't want a fiddly pattern. I'm not ready for that yet. But that's not to say that I want to use a boring pattern because then it'll just end up in the unfinished pile. I am planning on buying one of those quilting stencils and practicing my hand quilting this summer. In the interest of speed I think I will machine-piece it. Now to just select the perfect pattern.

Monday, June 06, 2011

The Prize

Remember back in March, the March Sweater Madness? I won! And amazing Michelle of The Sweet Sheep fame sent me 2 x 4oz braids of custom-dyed Corriedale Superwash as a prize.
I love it! I can't wait to start spinning with it! I know this stuff won't have second cuts in it. Heh. And if I'm any good at spinning this lovely fibre I might have to order more for a bigger project! I even love the name she gave this colourway! Yeay!

Not a Complete Slacker

First project from my home-spun: a slouchy hat. I forget which knitting book the pattern came from. Spun from 100% merino purchased at Gaspereau Valley Fibres. The granny square blanket is done at long last! 100% wool, felted down lightly, it measures 62" square. I have at least another six on the go, in various sizes, stash busting at its finest. The Ruched Yoke Tee is done and has been getting a lot of wear. It fits great! I'm thrilled with it! Got my lamb fix during my visit to Gaspereau Valley Fibres where the Sheep Thrills were competing in the annual Back to Back Challange. This year they were using a gorgeous black fleece, the lighter tips giving the knitting a lovely variegation. Also got to chat with Deb Barnhill while she knit, what an amazing lady! This is some more of my home-spun, 76 grams worth and destined to be mittens for Brianna after my hubby dyes it to her specifications. This yarn came from one of my sheep that I raised while still on the farm, that I manually sheared (what an experience that was!), scrubbed, picked, carded (combined effort with Brianna: she's an excellent carder!), and of course spun. A learning experience for sure, especially about the evils of second cuts, oh my! Far from perfect but I'm making progress. The singles were much more even than my first attempt and except for the bits of second cuts that I didn't make too much effort not to spin in, this yarn will make a very serviceable pair of mittens. I am quite pleased.

I have a pair of socks on the needles again, and I am contemplating getting back to work on last year's Olympic Sweater. It's been pouting, abandoned, in the knitting basket long enough.