Saturday, May 16, 2009

For Sale

Three sets of hats/tams and mittens done (child size). Waiting for blocking.
A fourth hat started.

All will be for sale at Candle in the Window, in Port George, NS this summer and fall.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


That title makes perfect sense, trust me on that. Just click on this link and you will see. It's good for the soul, especially if you slipped up lately and need to make amends in a knitterly way like I did. I fell off my yarn diet. I blame the 50% off sale on the stuff I convinced myself I needed. So, yes. I will be knitting a square or a few. Won't you join me? I am willing to collect any squares you make and ship them out with mine. How's that for incentive? Just figure out how to get the squares to me. Remember:


Friday, May 01, 2009


April is done. Good riddance.

The baby sweater is done, even mailed. WOOHOO!

I am quite pleased, for my first original baby sweater.

Aren't those buttons adorable?

I picked up stitches at the neck for the hood and knit it flat, then kitchenered the top once I figured it was long enough. As you can see, the cable has a couple rows too many at the top once I grafted it, but I couldn't have been bothered to rip back. At that point in time I just wanted it done.

The back is a plain 2 X 2 rib, to allow for a growing baby, and I added the extra cable panels under each arm and made cuffs for the sleeves for the same reason.