Friday, August 31, 2007


Yup, I finally put my name on the waiting list. Must find out what all the fuss is about. There are 19060 people ahead of me. HA HAHA AHHAAHAHA

What? You don't think that's funny??

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yesterday, work was super busy. This was very good. It made the time fly by. Some of it had to do with the back to school rush, some of it was do to release of pension and welfare cheques. But can someone please tell me why there are people out there that wait until the last minute to get clothes tailored for a wedding, whether guests or part of the wedding party? We got a wedding dress in yesterday afternoon. It was a fix of an alteration, not simply an alteration in its own right. Weddings are a pretty big deal, right? You want to look your best, you spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the big event. Yet what makes you think you will get reliable and satisfactory results from an obviously inexperienced seamstress (I use the term loosely)? I mean, who in their right mind would remove boning from a the bust area of a strapless dress??? Hello! Duh!? So we have this dress in the shop that has to be fixed by Friday, or (this is what the mother of the bride told the bride!) the wedding will be cancelled. As if the bride didn't have enough to stress about! Can you imagine??

Dear Bride,

My deepest sympathies.

P.S. Stop letting your mother rule/ruin your life.

By the way, her dress was gorgeous! Totally beautiful. We will fix it on time. We will fix it properly. Because Hays and I are really good at what we do. Toot toot.

In other news, I found the dead body of yet another turkey in the rose bushes this morning. That leaves me with only one. I don't know what their flippin' problem is this year. It's not like they're freezing to death. Nights are still definitely warm. The birds have a tendency to hang around the rose bushes during the day to get out of the sun. I don't get it. If they were being killed there would be only feathers left as evidence. And the foxes or coyotes won't approach the barn until the electric fence is turned off, anyway. Oh well.

Stash flash, a little bit at a time. *Grin* Wouldn't want anyone to go into shock.

That there is some purdy cashmere, in lace weight. Yummy.

I really like Noro Silk Garden. Remember the Irish Hiking Scarf I made a few months back? The one I gifted away? I liked it so much, now I think I'll make one for myself!

I have 3 skeins of the blue sock yarn, though at the moment I'm having a brain fart and can't remember the name of it. Isn't it lovely?

And you should know that there probably isn't a skein of Fleece Artist that I haven't liked. Really. I do have to make something out of this soon, because it is simply too gorgeous to keep hidden away.
The Lambswool is fabulously soft and I have quite a bit of it in different colours.
The Debbie Bliss is lovely too, and I have enough of it for a sweater.
What to make, what to make. So many patterns to choose from...
I really have to finish that cream cabled cardigan and the Lopi. Don't want those two yelling at me when I cast on yet another sweater without showing off a FO.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Hey Alison? Maybe it's not all your fault. You were just the inspiration. You were the teacher. A fine one at that. I thank you very much. We all have to expand our horizons every-so-often or we become stagnant and boring. We wouldn't want that now, would we?

Hey Dorothy. The house sale is going well. The offer was very good. We countered and they accepted, so now the standing offer is phenomenal, conditional on the sale of the buyers' property in the city. As soon as they get an accepted offer, we boogie to NB for a house hunting trip.
* * *
As far as the stash flash is concerned, that's not even on the radar, as far as size is concerned. One of these days, I may post a picture or two of some of my favourites in the stash. The stuff that's waiting for the "perfect" project to come along.
* * *
Now it's time to get to work. Hopefully it's busier than it was last week. Not that I feel guilty knitting at work and getting paid for it, you know.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Of Socks And Booze

Another pair of socks for Colin. Knit to the very end of the ball of yarn; switched to the accent colour for the toes.

Nothing warms a knitter's heart more than an off-spring that enjoys knitted goodies. Another pair or two, and Colin should be all set for socks for this school year, at least until Christmas. And that's one less ball of sock yarn in the stash.

A long time ago (not really, but it feels like she's been gone forever), when Alison was moving from NS to QC, I was a very lucky recipient of several balls of yarn in her attempt to have as little "stuff" as possible to actually move. Lookie here Alison: I'm finally knitting up the sock yarn you gave me. About time, eh? It's squishy and I bet it will be super comfy to wear. That's why these particular socks will be for me! Hee hee.

What's with all the sock knitting? Small. Portable. Perfect for my attention span these days.

I did work on the Lopi yesterday, though not for very long. Almost done the second sleeve. I am following a pattern (don't look so shocked), but the temptation was great to rip both sleeves and start them again when I contemplated how freakishly wide they appear. It might because I've been all about fitted stuff the past few months.

After a recent conversation with Alison (there is that name again; to visit her, click on Ali P in the side bar), I've come to the conclusion that I may have to re-evaluate my storage. It's all her fault too. If she had never introduced me to martinis, I would still be blissfully using my bar hutch for yarn and project storage. There is the bag with MS3 in the top left corner, and another bag there on the right with the cotton top from last summer, hidden from sight, hidden from conscience. And all that Alpaca? Can't have the cats sleeping on that. Yes, my new martini glasses would probably enjoy this space so much more, and the booze bottles would be safely hidden out of Hobbes' eyesight. Out of sight = out of mind. Can't have a repeat performance of last Friday, now can we?

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Extreme knitting:
All I can hope for it that these stay together. I was determined to use up the single ball of sock yarn that has lingered in the stash for over a year. I wanted socks for my 9 year old, hoping I'd have enough for a short-ish pair, and started knitting from both ends. I'd work the leg, then the other, giving the ball a squeeze to get a rough guesstimate of yarn remaining. Turn the heel on one, then turn the second and give the yarn another squeeze. All a very precise and scientifically exact way of judging remaining yarn. Don't look at me like that. I was maybe half way down the length of the feet when I started scrounging for yarn that might do OK for the toes (you know, just in case; I was SURE I wouldn't need it!). Yeah. Wednesday night at work was boring. No sewing. So I knit. Only to the toe decreases. Made son try sock on when I got home at 10pm. Intensely relieved that I was in better shape yarn-wise than anticipated. The following morning I decreased the toes, until there was only about 45 cms of yarn separating the two socks, cut the yarn in half and started grafting. The above is how close I came to screwing the whole thing up. If I were a cat, I'm certain it would have cost me at least two lives in worry and stress!

Colin pronounced the socks soft and comfy and promptly started to "break them in". The End

Skip ahead to Friday...

While this is what I was doing at work, there was some strange stuff going on in the house. Apparently father doesn't keep as tight a rein on the household as I do.

That there is Colin's buddy, Hobbes, in control of the remote, which is not at all shocking to me as he is a guy and all. Apparently he likes M*A*S*H as much as the rest of the family and I can understand the need for a fly swatter this time of year, but the scissors? I don't want to know... And it looks like things got a little crazy there...
I have to say this is where I draw the line! The fur ball will be locked out of the house the next time I go to work. Bad enough he was in my booze (the empty bottle was sitting by the basement door!), but if you look closely, he's wearing a ball band from one of my yarns! And that's just WRONG!! Apparently he had an accomplice... Unfortunately she's a bit young to be sentenced to life of hard labour.... for now.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hey... I know my luck will run out soon, so let me enjoy these moments of goodness.

  1. Alison is home in QC now so I get to gab with her whenever the mood strikes, which is always such a treat because she's a sweetie. And what better way to start a morning than a phone call from her!

  2. I finally got the software loaded for my printer so I could print a few of the awesome FREE patterns offered by KNITTING DAILY.

  3. And actually try one out. That's the Lace Edging from "The Fireside". Super easy. Super quick and satisfying. Good starter project if you're a bit intimidated of trying a full-sized lace masterpiece. Did I mention it's a lot of fun?

  4. Last night I finished a pair of socks for myself in Cotton Fantasy. I can't remember what I did with the ball band so I can't tell you who makes it. I love 'em. If memory serves me right they're about 45% cotton, 40% wool and the rest nylon, or something like that. Totally adore the colourway.

  5. I got a package in the mail today from Istanbul, Turkey. Lookie what was in it:Divinely soft. Bliss, I tell you! I am such a yarn ho. I shall not hide it any longer.

  6. A royal cat wave from Thomas to Lene.

Monday, August 20, 2007


We got an offer on the house!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Yes, you do. Go HERE. I'll wait.

Welcome back. And you're welcome.

As you can see, I am back. My computer is back. Rather, a computer is back. Everything is different. Takes getting used to, for a non-computer-geek like me. Paranoia is running a little high still that it will all turn to big heavy paper weight at the push of a wrong button; I'm even contemplating computer courses to reduce the risk. (Did I just say that?) Yes, well, don't hold me to that.

MS3 is still lingering at the last couple rows of clue 1. Shameful. I know better than to work on it watching tv, but knitting and tv just go together so well. Know what I mean? I am getting good at reading my knitting which helps a lot in discovering goof-ups early on. At least that's what I tell myself. When I stopped last, I had tinked back a whole row, and set the MS3 aside; I'm a little worried that the mistake might be lower down. Procrastination. Should have been my middle name.
Harlot in Halifax update: at long last. Alison and I met up in Bedford, and after much dithering in Sunnyside Mall (which would have been better spent in a yarn shop!) we heading to Halifax and Spring Garden Road. I adore Spring Garden Rd. It meets up at Public Gardens which are always lovely. We lunched at Mexicali Rosa's and made silly remarks, that should Stephanie be in her room at the Lord Nelson (right across the street), Alison was more than willing to wave and invite her to join us.
We stopped into the Halifax Public Library and perused their knitting book selection. Eventually we wandered down to the Loop. Ah, wouldn't it be fabulous to have an unlimited yarn budget? I had three balls of Opal picked out after spending much time fondling the many pretty yarns. What did I walk out with? Three skeins of Misti Alpaca Lace 2 ply in a beautiful yellow! Plus some Pony needles.
We never made it to L.K. Yarns. Personally I think it's too much stuff in such a tiny shop, and all the acrylic baby yarns? Michaels carries it all so why waste the precious room. Service, or lack there-of, is probably the main reason I don't frequent that shop more often, even if they have a good selection of Lopi and Fleece Artist at hand.
The Lord Nelson staff was bound and determined not to let us knitters into the ballroom early to get comfortable. Once we finally got in line, I was surprised that there were tickets being handed out. I jokingly said to Alison that they must be drink tickets, but the hotel staff was quick to inform me that they couldn't have a hotel full of unruly knitters. Imagine that!
Listening to The Harlot was a delight. Her dry wit had me almost constantly laughing. I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed myself so much (yes, Alison, it may have had something do with the pre-event martinis we satisfied our thirst with, but I don't think so). Stephanie sounded so nervous for the first while. Public speaking not being my thing either, I felt for her. When Alison first spotted her in the Lord Nelson bar, I actually thought she may come in for a pint; you know, to ease the nerves. (Steph, I'm not suggesting anything.) And for the record, Jason, the young handsome waiter provided excellent service!
As promised, here is proof that I met the Harlot herself. Thanks to Alison for kindly taking a redo photo. The first one was a bit "manic" looking, both Steph and I grinning in a rather wild way, and trying to bridge our height gap: her on her toes, me bending my knees. We looked like a couple of jacks-in-a-box. Not so flattering. This one is much better.
When I finally move to New Brunswick, will you manage a tour stop there too?

Saturday, August 11, 2007


*I* did not kill my computer. No matter what my hubby is telling everyone to the contrary. I am now totally guilt free. Guilt is a powerful thing. And not in a good way.
My new favourite person is in the process of giving life to my lifeline to the outside world, the computer. A much bigger hard drive and much more RAM (whatever it all means...I just kept nodding my head and saying "...yes, my guilt can afford that..." and it will all make me much happier apparently. He says so. It better be so!

Hey Steph? Thanks for the picture. It sure looks like I just escaped from the funny farm. Which is pretty ironic, since 1) I live on a farm, and 2) it's a pretty funny place to be, especially when the duck is giving a rooster a piggy back ride, if you get my meaning...wink wink. Yes, funny things go on at my farm.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hi...I'm Back

I got back from Halifax. And promptly killed my computer. That doesn't mean there won't be a complete update on the whole Harlot experience and pictures. (...Harlot: "who are you?" as I present three of her books for autographing.
Me: "Barbara from Nova Scotia"
Harlot: "Really?"
Me: "Yup."
Harlot: standing up and shaking my hand, "I am so glad to finally meet you..."
Me: thinking: "She wanted to meet me!" Laughing on the inside lest I seem like an escapee from a mental ward...)
It will all have to wait until I get my computer ticking again like an old reliable. Good grief, I never realized how much I depend on it for contact with other adults. Husband was fit to be tied yesterday. Mad, mad, mad. I may be a few crumbs short of a cookie when it comes to understanding computers. Yeah well.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Going to See the Harlot

The day is here. I am going to Halifax. I will try not to buy yarn. No guarantees on that one. I will probably buy books. Knitting books and magazines that I really don't "need". But must have. Alison will be meeting me and at the rate I'm going this morning there is a good chance I may be late. Must get ready. I am going to have so much fun today I hope I don't burst. LMOL

Friday, August 03, 2007

About Yarn Harlot

A couple days ago I sent off an email to the Harlot's publishers to get info on the tour. Living up to their "wonder" reputation, I received an email today that stated that the Harlot "will be doing a knit and talk from 6pm -9pm at the Lord Nelson Hotel in the Regency Ballroom. There are no tickets required for this event and books will be on sale at the event as well." Mark it on your calendars: August 7th! Yarn Harlot in Halifax!

I am contemplating taking the following day off work so I can stay in the city and party it up a bit, with my knitting naturally! I even got a new camera to break in! So excited... Of course, I'm probably the only one, right?

Who else is planning on attending???