Sunday, January 31, 2010


Although I've been getting small things done around the house, like projects that have been sitting around collecting dust for months and years, such industry has cut into my blogging. Maybe not. Time to call a spade a spade. I am a slacker and a procrastinator. An accomplished one at that.

A week and a half into the Lion Brand knit-along? I've got the ribbing done, the set up rows and a couple rows of body. That's it. My excuse has been the lack of charts that were hinted at being available last Thursday but that didn't happen. The only reason I started knitting from the written instructions is so I wouldn't look like I've been sitting on my hands while everyone else has already posted about having completed at least one set of repeats. They're making me look bad. Also providing incentive, which is precisely why I join these knit-alongs. No pictures until I finish at least one set of repeats.

To combat my slack ass blogging? I joined the NABLOPOMO for February. Giving you a heads up so you don't fall off your chairs when you see a daily post at least one month this year. HEH

I finally finished Brianna's quilt. She loves it and threatens anyone who dares touch it. It was my first quilt and I'm just happy it's done. There is lots I am not happy with but I'll just chalk it up to a learning experience.

The border blocks were done by Brianna's friends on her nineth birthday, and one by Colin and another couple by me. Daddy designed couple smaller ones, including the beaver.

On the reading front, I just finished another of Jen Lancaster's books: Bitter is the New Black. Funny, funny woman. She even blogs at If you don't mind snarky and need a good laugh, she delivers and then some!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday....Be Gone

To distract you from the blah that is Monday, I direct your attention to decorative lettering. Do I ever wish I had such a talent.

Here's hubby's finished sweater:

First photo shows the cable better, but the second one is more colour accurate.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Long Live the Art of Letter Writing

No, I don't mean emails. The pen and paper kind. The kind where you take time to pick out some nice stationary. Perhaps even pick out a stamp at the post office from the philatelic collection for a truly one of a kind gift that the recipient is sure to treasure. After all, presentation matters just as much as the words. It's proof positive that you've dedicated time, that most precious commodity, to that one person: the addressee.

There is a reason that letter writing still makes the news occasionally, and why there are plenty of sites on the world wide web dedicated to the art of letter writing as well as pen pals. Even Ravelry has a Penpals group! Let's not forget all the blogs.

In this digital age, I am thrilled that there are still people out there that put pen to paper. I am one of them.

You know what? You can even do it when the power goes out!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

On the Horizon

Now that hubby's sweater is done, I've been scouting for other relatively sizable projects to use up the stash. Turns out that this winter is full of possibilities and such opportunities.

One such opportunity will be with the Knitting Olympics (the original, hosted by the Yarn Harlot). I'm not telling yet what I plan to knit. I suspect the project that I had in mind will be going on the needles before the big event.

Second is the Lion Brand's Winter 2010 Knit-Along. A gorgeous fisherman sweater. I am hoping to get gauge with the yarn at hand.

Third won't be until March, but you know that's not that far off. There have already been some early whisperings on the March Sweater Madness front. Very exciting.

Currently I am working on a pair of socks that was ordered by a friend to wear in her riding boots. Regia 4-ply on 2.5mm, extra long leg. Legs and heels done on both socks and I hope to have the feet completed today.

Turns out that I chickened out from counting the stash, but I will attempt to keep track of used up stash this year.

Although my yarn diet has been in effect since January 1st, I would like to confess that some has entered the house (purchased online way back end November, if I remember correctly). 100% Mongolian Cashmere:

• Weight: 50 grams per ball(About 1.76 oz)
• Yardage: 600 yards per ball
• Color# beige 086
• Hand wash in lukewarm water, lay flat to dry.
• Gauge: 32-36 stitches per 4.0 inches/10cm.
• Suggested needle size: U.S. 1-3 (2.25-3.25mm).

It's absolutely delicious! 4 balls of beige, 1 black and 1 dark chocolate brown. It took a while to get here because I was too cheap to spring for the expedited shipping but it's in my possession now and I'm in love!