Monday, September 27, 2004

On Being a Night Owl

My son, Colin (age 6) and I are the night owls of the family. This causes various problems. He, of course, has to get up early to get ready to catch the school bus in the mornings. BIG PROBLEM. From the words "get up, I said now, I mean it...I'm coming to get you....", to "hurry up and get dressed. No, you can't go to school in pj's...did you put on clean underwear?..."and then there is the famous "eat or your belly won't be happy. Hurry up. You're gonne miss the school bus and you still have to brush your teeth. COLIN!!!..." You get the picture. It's certainly not for lack of effort to get him into bed by 9pm. And me, well, I get my second wind just when the rest of the family is heading off to bed. Like tonight. Perfect example. I am sick with a cold, complete with stuffed up sinuses and drippy nose. I was knitting socks on the couch and watching something on tv, oh yes, Law and Order, Criminal Intent. Show is over, we watch a bit of news (very depressing) and hubby is ready for bed. I, on the other hand, have been picking things up around my "knitting corner" and the kids' toys, crayons, etc. Yup, second wind. Am I ready for bed? Not even close. Swept the kitchen floor, gathered up a bunch of legos, sorted my wool, with short stops to blow my nose of course. Am I ready for bed? Nope. Figured I'd type a while. Tomorrow starts the thrum-a-long with the Yarn Harlot. I'd provide the link but I don't know how. Type in yarn harlot and you're sure to find her. Steph is an inspiration. And hilariously funny to boot! Anyway, I am ready. I bought roving, gathered up my wool, the pattern is around here somewhere. I can do this. yeah, remains to be seen. Hopefully the thrummed mittens will not suffer the same fate as my aran cardigan. Every year around this time I try to convince myself that this is the year it will be finished. It's only been 10 years after all. I am to the point of contemplating restarting the sleeves on a circular needle. The sleeves are turning out to be a real pain. There is a reason that darned thing is in a it can't glare at me, isn't it obvious? I know it will be beautiful once it's finished but picking it up again is another matter. Best left alone for the time being. Good night.

Sunday, September 12, 2004


It's Sunday. Again. And the sun is actually peaking out from behind the clouds now and again. I remember being irrationally disappointed on those Sundays when no sun would shine. It's supposed to be sunny on Sundays, it's it? Kind of logical to me! So maybe "Sunday" is a bit too hopeful of a name for a day when the sun is never guaranteed to shine.

Friday, September 10, 2004


I've been cruising blogs for a while, and it seems only proper to start my own. Do I have something important to say that the whole world should have access to? That remains to be seen. Maybe I would just like to have an outlet to vent. And typing is faster than writing, especially when in a rage! The added bonus of course is this: once you realize the garbage you've written needs to be banished into oblivion, it's a heck of a lot easier pressing the delete key than burning paper (killing trees!) and risking burning fingers!

So. Welcome to my blog. All in my good time, I will complete my profile. Reveal little truths about myself. Might as well be truths; why waste the energy lying?

The weather today: kind of gray, on the verge of rain, stay inside kind. Very windy-tail end of the hurricane.