Sunday, November 21, 2010

About Time

First, let me inform you know disappointed I am with Blogger eating my brilliant post that I finally got around to writing Friday. Doesn't saying I was disappointed make me sound calm and in control of my emotions, unlike what I would sound like had I said how furious I was and how stupid and useless Blogger was? Heh. I realized I was disappointed and perhaps even somewhat perturbed; after all, I did spend a considerable amount of time composing the blog entry, using big words and everything. It wasn't that I was trying to impress you. I was actually stating a load of excuses for lack of blogging, but trying not to sound like I was laying down a bunch of justifications. The main reason for not getting totally bent out of shape over the disappearance was simply that it was not a life or death situation (doesn't that make me sound all grown up?) As much as I'd like to, I also admit that I will not be able to reproduce the post exactly as I had written it the first time around. No, this post is not an attempt to do so.
Basically I typed on and on about my lack of blogging and writing. How I've posted pictures and called them a blog post, when in reality it wasn't any more than being lazy and using shortcuts. How I'd signed up for NANOWRIMO but managed to write just over a thousand words so far. How I used my mother's visit as an excuse for not blogging or writing my novel. Her visit lasted seven days but that excuse sounded feeble even to my ears. Too busy? Nope. Oh, yes. Now I remember: I also used the lack of laptop or notebook as an excuse for not producing literary brilliance. What load of stinky stuff. As if sitting comfortably on the couch or in bed would make me more productive. If you buy that one, then I have this invisible house cleaner I can lend you at a good price. Yeah, not really. On the other hand I do have 10 days to produce just under 49,000 words. Yeah, even can't stop laughing at that one.

So. Tonight will be a full moon. Will you be out there howling? Me neither. Too cold. The day is beautiful though, all sunny and pretty blue sky and I'm inside because that's the best way to enjoy a crispy day.

Now that I've blah blah blahed long enough, the reason I actually started to write this post was to say that I finally finished reading The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. About time, indeed. Well written and enjoyable. Much better than some of the other "knit fiction" out there. If you haven't read it yet, prepare yourself with a box of tissues for the last few chapters. Seriously. Definitely worth the read.

Cheers. I'm off to knit.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

On the Knitting Front

There has been a fair amount of knitting going on here, and not necessarily on projects that have been waiting to be knit. (What can I say? I'll never be a monogamous knitter.) Although it would probably make sense to get back to work on my long-janies since there has been significant frost overnight lately. I've only got one leg started on them, and I'm only up to the knee at that.
In my defence I did knit a pair of socks for my mom while she was visiting, in yellow, as per her request. And I gave her another pair that I had knit up during the summer. This has been a year of sock knitting it would appear.
I have started knitting scarves though. First there was a short one I made for Alison this summer (which I will get back one of these days and lengthen, I promise!), then there is this one in Rio De La Plata (vibrant orange) and a matching hat. Very cushy and soft.

Yesterday I stopped by Zellers and picked up some yarn to knit gifts for their Christmas tree which then get distributed to the less fortunate. As of last night, I knit a hat in a three by two rib, started a two by two rib hat, and this evening I started this mistake rib scarf. At knit night I started a pair of thrum mittens, using Briggs & Little Regal and Patons Roving. The roving is lovely and soft, but has a bit too much twist in it and makes ripping off pieces for the thrums a somewhat time consuming endeavor. I'm considering pre-cutting the thrums to speed things up.
Also on the needles are socks for my youngest. I've very pleased with these two colours (from Sisu) and so is she.
And last but not least, the Olympic Sweater is still waiting for attention. Notice that the sleeve is quite a bit shorter than when I last worked on it. Somewhere along the line I dropped a black stitch and didn't notice it for several inches worth of work. Needless to say I also didn't notice the pattern not lining up quite right due to the regular increases. I will make a point to work in much better light the next time I pick this project up. The new self-imposed deadline for this sweater is Christmas. Here's hoping for the best.
I'm thrilled to say after this show and tell that the stash has deflated nicely. As you already know I've broken the yarn diet a while ago, but I haven't gone on a mad yarn shopping spree either, so I do in fact feel ahead. If possible, I'd like to squeeze in a Lopi sweater before the New Year to bring down that portion of stash which is quite sizable, and possibly another blanket. I've been eye-balling the pillow pattern from 24-7 by Veronik Avery. Two-colour, nice and simple. Knit in the round, it would also be relatively quick using a heavier yarn, which I have plenty of. Imagine that. Heh.

OH. Big news: thanks to my friend Tina, the spinning wheel has been dusted off and put to use today. Tina very kindly invited me over and helped me adjust the wheel and gave me a lesson in drafting and spinning. Thanks to her patience I've had that eureka moment: finding the sweet spot for the tension where treadling is easy and comfortable and I was actually able to spin yarn. You couldn't possibly imagine how thrilled I am.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reasons for Celebration

My youngest celebrated her 11th birthday last Wednesday. Judging by her expression, the baking book was a good gift selection. Besides the book, I also gave her lots of art supplies: from paint brushes and watercolour pencils and sketching pencils to artist workbooks and oil pastels, and charcoal. Those were a big hit too. We celebrated with her favourite foods: chicken wings and baby back ribs. Yummmmy! And then there was the mocha birthday cake. I let her pick it out and she declared it the best birthday cake ever! WOW!
Holy cow. For a bit of time there, I thought I was falling behind. Again. Not so, it turns out. I'm talking about the Pay It Forward that I signed up for back on Nov 3, 2009. So I have exactly a week to make and mail some groovy crafts. And not necessarily knitted crafts either. Thank goodness for that. Better chances of getting them out on time! Yay! So, without further ado, let me show you what came in the mail for me, me, me. From a lovely lady over at Ewe Gotta Knit. Thanks so much Heddy!

So cute, don't you think? I like it!

Third reason for celebration:

Six pairs of (very) long men's socks: done! Yay! I am just thrilled to bits. As soon as they're dry they'll be going in the mail and far away from me. Definitely worth celebrating. It means I can officially start knitting other things without feeling guilty. It's positively thrilling, I tell you. I hear some Fleece Artist calling my name.

Monday, October 18, 2010

An Evening of Celebration

Yesterday we attended the Annapolis County 4-H Awards Banquet. I couldn't be more proud of all our winners. 4-H Lucky Stars Award winners!

That's my boy!

And on Saturday evening, I finally finished this pair of socks. I believe it had lingered for almost a year and a half. I came across the pattern on Sheri's blog, and it turned out to be perfect for the stretch yarn I had on hand, although not the one recommended in the pattern. It all worked out well, and my youngest didn't waste any time test-driving them shortly after the last end was woven in.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yes, There Was

Frost. Hubby actually scratched at it on the roof of his truck early this morning to prove it to me, so I wouldn't call him a liar. It was thick frost, not just the stuff that melts away the moment you touch it with your finger. It seems the Yarn Harlot and I think along the same lines. I almost stole her title, since that was my topic of choice for today. I don't like to seem like a copy-cat so I'm glad I decided to read her blog first. Heh. Turns out she was mostly talking about knitting anyway. Yeah, imagine that.

The flower beds have been getting cleaned out slowly, the flowering shrubs getting their last haircuts of the year. The pathetic vegetable garden needs to be cleaned out and put to bed. Although the last of the cherry tomatoes are still turning red, the flavour is gone. Bleh. I should not waste any time digging up new flower beds for a few things I still want to plant for next year, before the ground frost sets in. I suspect it won't be long now, but when it actually arrives it always proves to be a surprise to me. Denial perhaps? Weird.

Although the knitting I've been doing has been rather boring, mainly wash clothes (6 of them) and socks (still working on that order: I've started the fifth pair), my fingers are itching to start knitting cozy winter stuff like hats and scarves and mittens. I am bored to tears of the work horse yarns, namely cotton and B&L Tuffy. I want to knit with soft, pretty, squishy wools. I have Christmas gifts to knit too, although this year there will also be sewn gifts. Not that I'm counting but have you all noticed it's just over two months until "that day"?

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Beware, as this post is heavy with pictures. Yay! Turns out that I killed the camera, not the memory card. I couldn't be happier!
So let me show you some of my favourite moments from the 4-H Provincial Show Weekend.
I love sheep, yes, I do!

Alison Made a Friend
Getting Sheep Love!
Me and Dorothy with our Pay It Forward purses (just a little bit wet!)

Hooked sheep... So cute!

The Champion Sewing Project... The dress was fully lined with fur
Sheep and Highland Cattle at Lismore Sheep Farm

Helping with the blogging was too much work for Zeus.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Broken 2

I hope this is not the start of a really bad trend.

You want to hear what I did this time? In my opinion it's much worse than braking the yarn diet. I knew that was bound to happen eventually. This broken? Totally unexpected and uncalled for. I dropped my camera this morning and it would appear that I damaged the memory card which had all my pictures on it from this weekend. Totally sucky. There was a really nice picture of a couple drowned rats I wanted to show you (namely, of me and Dorothy, soaked from all the rain we got on Saturday at the 4-H Provincial Show). There was another picture of all the cool stuff Dorothy made me for Pay It Forward. She knit me a green purse (starting to see a trend here!) and a mini-purse key chain, and I also got a really cute angel, and some incredible tatted trim for pillowcases and two flowers, or that's what I'm calling them. Dorothy said they're bookmarks but I plan on using them on my Christmas tree they're so pretty. It would seem that Dorothy has all kinds of talents she's not been sharing with you all!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I spent all day yesterday on the run. Technically behind the wheel of my (now fixed) truck. I had to go to Bridgewater for a Dr. appointment. (Why yes, Susie, there is a Dr. shortage in Nova Scotia.) The #10 Hwy is still in terrible shape, but I do enjoy the drive over the South Mountain, especially now that the leaves are starting to change, and the drive also provides my brain with a chance to wander and relax. Kind of like driving on auto-pilot. Worries about the laundry and kids fighting and dusting stay at home while I move further and further away. Not unlike a mini-vacation. Sad, I know this. I am going to brag a bit now, don't say you weren't warned. I lost another 3 lbs, and that's a really good thing. And: my Dr. told me I should feel free to frame my cholesterol test results, they were that awesome! That deserved a bit of a celebration. Naturally.

That's where the "broken" comes in. I drove to Mahone Bay, and Have a Yarn. Ooooooh, all that loverly yarn. Good thing I didn't have all kinds of time to drool over all those beautiful skeins. The yarn diet is officially dead. I am not sorry. I was a good girl for such a long time!! My purchase was very virtuous, I'll have you know. I bought two skeins of Fleece Artist fame, and they will be used for Christmas presents. So that's the extent of my sharing. No show. Just know that I am positively gloating over my fabulous choices. They were meant to come home with me. It was fate, it was destiny... Clapping my hands with glee...

Friday, September 17, 2010

About The Knitting

Recently I finished two major projects, ones that I am very pleased to say were major stash busters. First there was daughter's blanket tube, busting down the acrylic stash. She loves it, and I love the fact that so much yardage is not lingering and collecting dust anymore.
Second, was son's blanket tube, knit in Briggs & Little Atlantic, making for very heavy knitting. I am ashamed to admit that I still have more of the hunter orange Atlantic left over, but I foresee knitting a few hats for hunting season.
AliP, all that complaining I did about sewing in the ends? See this picture? Do you feel my pain yet?

And finally a test drive, checking for fit. I think he approves.

These blanket tubes were inspired by the striped blankets from The Morehouse Farm Merino Knits book by Margrit Lohrer. My many thanks.

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's been a Long Time...

At long last, an update of sorts, heavy on the photos.

First, my little cat whisperer:
Next, a small (and late) tomato crop. I'm quite surprised that I am actually getting any tomatoes off my plants this year, considering how many times the plants have found themselves under water after heavy downpours. I am starting to ponder the wisdom of even putting in a vegetable garden next year. Third, have I told you all about Kerry Reichs? What a wonderful author. I finished reading her first book today, The Best Day of Someone Else's Life. I laughed until there were tears running down my face! But I think I may have said that about her other book, as well.
Knitterly update will follow tomorrow.
Here's more:

The end of August I ended up at Lake Torment with the family. It was especially hot and we were glad when all the running around and chores were finished so we could take a much deserved break.

We visited with our friends, the ones with a lakeside cottage. Hubby got there first, after work, to shoot bow with his best friend. I didn't get there with the kids until mid-afternoon after a trip to Kentville and Berwick. While the guys did guy stuff --shooting bow and then building gates for the deck--Michelle, always the perfect hostess, the kids and I went swimming. We got invited to stay for dinner. Other than the leeches, it was positively blissful, the water warm enough to be comfortable yet ever so refreshing. The leeches surprised us all. And perhaps freaked us out more than we will ever willingly admit. But obviously not enough to stop the kids from begging to go back in the lake after supper! Kids...(shaking head...) Did I mention how blissful the afternoon was?

Michelle had all three of her dogs with her that kept the kids entertained: an aging beagle named Spot and brother and sister Miniature Schnauzers named Zack and Cookie. That's Colin with Zack! What a little butch. The dog, not Colin. And Cookie is a darling, terribly shy and oh, such a girl. So cute!!

Brianna with Cookie.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Actually, hummingbirds don't really humm but they do make a racket when communicating with a spouse! I've had a breeding pair dining in my flowers for the past few weeks and they haven't failed to fascinate me yet.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At the Library

What a way to spend half the day. I'm not complaining. The Lawrencetown library has excellent air conditioning. That's almost as good as rain.

Earlier this afternoon the kids attended a computer workshop, learning to edit video and voice. Apparently it was very cool. Also the last of the three week series. After a couple hours we aimed for home for dinner, making a pit stop at Dan Haas for fresh veggies and half off perennials. Tomorrow might involve putting in a new flower bed. There is a garden club BBQ scheduled for tomorrow evening, although I haven't decided if I will attend. Lately, evenings find me hiding in the house from mosquitoes. Nasty blood suckers!

Tonight the kids are enjoying the 'tween lounge, which is highly popular. Activities vary: they sometimes watch a movie, do a craft, play Wii, meet other kids. It's great! And they're not at home complaining of boredom or fighting. Yay!

Other news... The Friday Nite Knit Club has moved to the Greenwood Mall food court, since we got booted out of the library. If all goes well, I'm considering keeping it was our new permanent location instead of returning to the library once September rolls around. More room, food and drink are encouraged, and no one tells us that we're laughing too loudly. Heh

I've discovered a new writer: Kerry Reichs (Kathy Reich's daughter). Wonderful writer. I read leaving Unknown last week. I laughed. I cried. I was sorry when the book was over! I wanted more. What a talented story teller. And completely different style if you are not a fan of her mother's writing.

What else... I am still on a yarn diet, unbroken. I am so proud of myself! Currently I'm working on a Briggs & Little sweater for sale, out of Anniversary Twist. I'm using a pattern from Patons Back to Basics II. It's flying. Back and left front done, and half done on the right front. I like. Excellent stash buster. Yes, for the moment the long janies I started are on the back burner and will be my travelling project, the one that I take to knit nite. Yes, Olympic sweater is still snoozing. Do. Not. Judge. Me.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Too Close for Comfort

Huh. I finished my cotton cardi yesterday. So what do I see today on the Fall Knitty? Iced Cardigan.
Now check out My design:

I knit both sleeves last year and set them aside for brighter, newer projects. On WWKiP Day I cast on the body. I considered the shawl collar. Thank goodness I didn't go there. Spooky weird coincidence.