Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Mouth

I should have left well enough alone and not commented on the weather. Remember that Blah post? Where I said "it hasn't snowed"? When will I learn that those are fighting words with Mother Nature? And she always gets her shots in? And that I should never, never complain, not even in a back handed sort of way? To wit:
A bit hard to see in that picture? How about this next one?

It looked like the poor waxwing was barely holding on and certainly didn't stay long. Didn't even make it to the feeder; maybe just stopped long enough to catch his(?) breath.

So yes, we had some nasty wet flurries this morning... Not enough to whiten the lawn but enough to make life miserable for the wild life and chill you right to your bones if you ventured outdoors for any length of time.

But look who showed up again!

You lookin' at ME?

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Actually there were two different males, but the pictures of the one on the lawn didn't turn out well.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Taking lessons from my cats, although my intentions aren't for a nice light snack.

Yet the sneaky Cardinal remains elusive.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


April is turning out to be a big let down. Sure, it's been more sunny than not, it hasn't snowed (KNOCK ON WOOD!), grass is green, the birds have been singing their little hearts out, we finally got the approval from town hall to start a Middleton Community Garden (I've set up a blog site but have not blogged a single word about the trials and tribulations of starting something from nothing), I've read some wonderful books (list may follow one of these days), and the pretty quilt that I've been working on has a mostly completed top, yet... I can't put my finger on it, but something is not quite right. I've got a major case of the blahs. It lifted slightly when I finished my spring socks and give them a test drive that very same day--they made me extraordinarily happy. Seeing the colourful birds at my feeders--the American gold finches, and purple finches and chickadees, and blue jays, and cardinals, and sparrows, and even the shiny jet black crows--they bring a smile to my face, for a short time. I've been walking every day of the work week, attempting to get in some sort of shape and force myself outside at least once a day. Even that is a struggle. Blah. If I get one good productive day a week, I'm happy. Which is rather pathetic. Bottoms up on that cup of self-pity.


On a happy note, today is Pam's birthday is why not pop over and leave her some good wishes...
Happy Birthday Pam!! All the best from one cat lady to another...

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Twice in One Day!

Almost unheard of. Yet here I am. I sewed today. Want to see?

This is what the patches will look like.Sewing gazillion triangles together.This is how far I got before my back gave out.

Progress! I like it!

Reasons to Be Cheerful

I enjoyed Canary Knits' list so much, I thought I'd like to make one of my own (and because several of her items are also on my list):
  • getting coffee in bed (apparently not every husband delivers coffee to his wife in bed...that makes me pretty darned lucky, and definitely cheerful (once I get that caffeine into me!)
  • cooking books, mainly Joy of Cooking and Food to Die For (which has the absolute best pizza dough recipe EVER)
  • perfectly cooked pasta
  • polite, well-behaved children (although those are a rare breed)
  • photo albums
  • thunderstorms (complete with lightening that brightens up the whole sky!); what a perfect time to curl up with a great book
  • art supply stores
  • pretty notebooks and journals
  • pen pals
  • yarn... lots and lots of different yarn
  • beautiful fabric... lots and lots of different fabric
  • book stores
  • libraries
  • cats that like to snuggle
  • being able to hang laundry out on the line
  • bird song in spring
  • spring flowers emerging from still partially frozen earth
  • cheesecake!
  • favourite magazines
  • watching movies with my kids
  • the colour yellow
  • flowering house plants
Oh, and how is this for a tease? We passed this sign this past weekend on the way to Moncton where hubby attended the Fly Fishing Forum. And me on a yarn diet. Damn.