Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Stash Overload

I may have hinted at trying to cut back on stash enhancement. With good reason. I'll tell you in a moment.

Felt I had to join a stashalong (I'll provide a link later). You know, for moral support.

Because I am weak.

Because it May be wrong to have a stash so large, that if converted into money and food, it would support a small(ish) country for a good while.

The stashalong asks you to pick a goal. There are three categories to choose from. I couldn't decide so I thought it would be a good idea to start with an inventory. Yeah... Ok.... I'm not completely done yet. However, I am overwhelmed. Really.

Having separated most of the acrylic stuff that I've been turning my nose up at lately (do not ask me how so much of it made it into my home.... besides the words SALE SALE SALE screaming at me upon entering a store), and swiftly condemning it to garbage bags destined for FRC, there was SOOOO Much still left over to count. My inventory progressed by writing down the amount and type of yarn. So far, three pages full. For the sake a brevity, I added everything together: balls, hanks, skeins, cones large and small....

Are you ready??

Are you sitting down? (I highly recommend it!)

Well then. That's not that much, is it? Do you really think I should be condemned to just working from my stash for an indefinite period of time? I mean, a good portion of that is only 50g balls, even though others may be about 400g or more.

Now to distract you all from the above revelations, a FO.

Irish Hiking Scarf in Noro Silk Garden (3 balls)

Monday, January 15, 2007

I bring to you this knitting update

This is my new barn hat. Very cozy and warm. It was knit with two strands, one being Patons Beehive Shetland chunky and the other being something with alpaca, mohair, wool, and acrylic (I think, since I lost the ball band). I used fairly big needles which I rarely do for a hat, and so only had to cast on 68 stitches, as opposed to the mohair one I'm working on that needed over a 100sts.

This neck muffler started as the Irish Hiking Scarf, but I ran out of yarn and overcame the temptation to run to the LYS and splurge on more since there is no stopping at just one extra ball when there is a whole store to be overwhelmed by. You all know what I mean. Just nod your heads.

That's my neckwarmer, barn style. Same Patons wool plus fuzzy yarn a la Dollar Store.

SEE??? New skill! First attempt at gloves, ever.
I am so proud of myself. This one just needs a thumb. I am too good.

This would be in 100% mohair, hand dyed by Jo-Anne Cooper from Angelwise Llama . Scarf in mistake rib, my old stand-by when I can't decide on a pattern. Love the colour, but this stuff is so slippery to work with, holy goat!

More pictures another day. Blogger has apparently had enough.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hi! Did You Miss Me?

Has it really been three months? Good grief! Bad blogger (hangs head with shame)...

  1. Happy New Year 2007! Did you get excited by that?? No? Me neither.
  2. My knitting needles have forgiven me for abandoning them for so long. There has been knitting done (and small projects completed). Show and tell to follow.
  3. After I gave notice at the sewing thing, it still took over a month and a half to find a replacement, but I was positively gleeful when that miracle occurred!
  4. I quit being a diamond pusher a week before Christmas. I don't tolerate unprofessionalism from anyone, especially from co-workers that should know better, and double that in front of customers.
  5. More additions to the farm: a Holstein moo named Moonlight and her offspring which I named Fudge. Happy, happy. Milk, anyone?
  6. From the original ten, I'm now down to six chicks and I suspect that two are roosters.
  7. New flooring on main floor of the homestead at long last. I am thrilled.
  8. My daughter missed her cat so much and lamented her lack of a pet, that I allowed her to pick one from my hay dealer. That's Sugar, cuddled up to Fang (SPCA cat that still needs a home).