Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Eve of a New Year

So another year is almost done. In some parts of the world it's been done for hours. I wonder what it looks like on the flip side? From where I sit, I can hear unknown bodies setting off fireworks. Are they celebrating the end of the old year or getting a start on the new, I wonder?
My day consisted of wrapping up some issues so they don't follow me into the new year, and that may not have made me pleasant to be around today. I tried to be utterly selfish and concentrate on me, me, me but the guilt of putting me ahead of others kept getting the best of me. I hope to work on that in the new year. I don't make resolutions but I try to come up with a workable game plan. All about responsibility and accountability and basically becoming a better human being. That can't be all bad, right?
So what's your plan for the new year?

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Over the Hill Ain't So Bad

Seriously. Ever since I turned 40 last year, my birthdays have been treating me better and better.

Case in point: today was a pretty stellar birthday, with hubby taking me out to my favourite place for lunch (Union Street Cafe in Berwick, NS. If you haven't been, you don't know what you're missing. Their lunch buffets are always absolutely delicious!), Then there was the trip to my favourite store, the Gaspereau Valley Fibres where I finally got some blocking wires, and yarn. Good yarn: Fleece Artist sock or mitten kit and a skein of Seasilk. So shiny... And he even cooked supper. I'm a pasta girl, so that's what he made with some chicken and veggies. Yummy! (Even if he's not so fond of pasta himself!)

I am choosing not to count against hubby and youngest child the fact that they woke me up early to gloat over their team beating my Senators last night; they even tried to serve me coffee in a Bruins mug. This might have had something to do with the amount of cheering and gloating I was doing last night when my team was beating theirs into the second period. After that they went to bed and I alone stayed up long enough for the score to be tied. Anyway, there will be plenty more hockey games in the future... Can't win them all.

I am also choosing to be compassionate in reflecting on the fact that Thomas (my son's cat) threw up on my bed again. After two and a half days of washing comforters and sheets, it was time to call the vet. After an exam and poking around in "the evidence", the vet proclaimed that he would recover soon enough (round worms) and sent me home with a double dose of 4 pills. If I wasn't so relieved I would have cried! Thomas doesn't take kindly to anyone shoving a pill down his throat, so you can imagine what a treat it was for me to administer 4 of them! And to have to do it again in 10 days. Ah, it's done. All my fingers are accounted for and I didn't require any sutures.

All in all, a great day.

Oh yes. Yesterday marked the beginning of another NANOWRIMO. I started making character notes last night. Haven't written a word towards my count yet today. But the night is still young. Cheers.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Almost Time

I thought this day would never get here. I waited and waited. Patiently. Don't laugh. I am capable of patient, even if more often I hope/desire instant gratification. I mean, I wouldn't be a knitter if I wasn't capable of patience, right??

Anyway, I'm not talking about knitting, yet. It's time for the Spinning Retreat at the Old Orchard Inn this weekend! Woot!! I'm excited. Can't you tell? Ha! I've never been to one of these before but it's going to be great, I just know it. I'm planning on coming home to sleep in my own bed at night but a bit of extra driving doesn't seem like much of a sacrifice. My wheel is ready to go; I'm just contemplating which fibre to bring with me. Something easy that won't give me grief when I keep stopping to gawk at what everyone else is spinning? Or something more challenging, so other, more experienced spinners can give me tips and suggestions for a better learning experience? One thing I really want to learn this weekend is to Navaho ply. Ohhh, I'm so excited!

So now about the knitting. Yesterday I cast off from my latest blanket. It's a big (very) square based on the Barn Raising Quilt by Larissa Brown . It was originally designed as a fundraising project back in 2009 for Doctors Without Borders. It's super-simple, the single block. I just kept going and knitting until I ran out of yarn (and space on my needles) that I was stash busting. It's lap blanket size, and I intend on adding some sort of knitted on lace edging to make it lay flat. Because I used worsted/bulky yarn, the center has a bigger whole than you would get if you were using sock yarn so I plan on attaching a flower of sorts to cover it. Big plans. Photos when the whole thing is finished.

Since I wasn't in the mood to go digging for the pattern for that lace edging, I started knitting the very simple Prohibition Shawl. I'm about halfway done. I'm using Red Heart Cozy Wool, which is 70% acrylic(gasp)/30% wool which will make it machine washable, on size 9mm needles. It's cushy and drapey. And it's a stunning raspberry red. Not something the Prohibitionists would have approved of, but then again it's my shawl. (If I wasn't so mature and of that certain age, I'd stick my tongue out.) It's going to be lovely. I just have to think up what yarn to use for the I-cord trim. I'm not going to buy any fur yarn, just so we're clear on that! I do have this fluffy white yarn but that would scream Mrs. Claus a bit too loud. Maybe something in a brown or black with some texture. Yeah, that sounds good. Again, photo to follow.

Hey, did you notice the absence of photos on this blog? Yes, me too. Lazy. Must fix that! So here's a snap shot I took this morning. Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, October 09, 2011


I feel it is my duty to introduce you to a blog you may or may not have come across: Murrmurrs. I found her by way of Holly. Thanks Holly! This woman is a gem!! I snorted, more than once. If you need a laugh, a good belly-shaking laugh, and I recommend everyone should engage in such a laugh at least once a day for the good of your health, go visit Murr.

Happy Thanksgiving! (Turkey is in the browning stage. Yummy-to-be!)

Saturday, October 08, 2011

False Sense of Comfort

It was so beautiful and warm in Nova Scotia today that it almost makes you forget those freezing temperatures yesterday. Apparently these unseasonably glorious temperatures are supposed to stick around for a couple more days but I won't hold my breath.

Technically an exercise in stash busting, I started knitting another blanket as well as continuing to work my granny square blankets. One can never have too many wool blankets. Especially since the ones in the linen closet are now in use on various beds.

I haven't cast on any socks for the son or a scarf yet. Can't seem to get that mojo going. I think he'll be getting an Irish Hiking Scarf. It's an interesting, good looking, and easy pattern.

What's on your needles?

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

And suddenly there is a Demand (yes, with a capital D) for wool knits by my first born. He might have mentioned in passing last week that he needs wool socks because it's going to be winter soon and he's outgrown most of his other pair. Today when he came home from school, soggy and cold, the need turned to demand. As in "how fast can you knit me a scarf and some socks in blue and gold (the school colours)? Tomorrow?" He looked so cold and so hopeful. And obviously delusional.

Looks like I might have to pause the mitten knitting for now (I finished another pair this morning) to fill his order. Not by tomorrow, no matter how desperate and hopeful he is. I love that kid. Tomorrow I go stash diving. There might be something in there in the desired colours.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


At least it's not summer anymore. I would have been much more cranky if there was frost in summer. Hubby must have known I wouldn't believe him so he dragged me out of bed at 6:20am, giving me only enough time to throw on a bathrobe, and told me to "Shhhh" as he led me outside. I figured there were deer in the garden like the last time he pulled this kind of stunt (about a year ago). I mean, it was still dark outside, for pete's sake! But oh no. He put my hand on top of the truck roof and asked me, " So what do you think of that?" Thoughts of hurting him were rather immediate. What I thought of the thick layer of frost I felt under my hand? It's a darn good thing I've been knitting mittens and hats for the past three weeks. Three pairs of mittens and two hats done so far. I will keep knitting them until I run out of stash (HAHAHAHA!) or I get bored of knitting hats and mittens. I am also half way on a cowl, just a simple mistake rib. I give it another month or so before I'm ready to get back to sweater knitting.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can't Believe I Missed It

By a week! The Kitchener Knitters' Fair. I should have stayed at mom's an extra week. To heck with the kids starting school on time. It's not like they do any actual work that first week, right? Oh, well. Something to consider for next year. Even if it seems soooo far away!

On a bright note, I will be attending the Spinning Retreat at the Old Orchard Inn in less than a month. Woo-hoo! I have to remember to put a bit of money aside for a possible fleece purchase.

No real news to report other than that. I've knit a couple pairs of mittens and a hat last week. I have yet to take photos. Oh, and my husband experimented with dying with beet juice. He was dying some caribou hair for fly tying and he kindly turned some ecru Briggs & Little a nice pink for me. Not a solid, even colour, but pretty nevertheless.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Yes it is! Nights are definitely colder, days are cooler and we all know that means knitted goodies get to see light of day once more. Told you it's the most wonderful time of the year. Especially since there is no snow to shovel yet. With kids back in school I should be having more knitting time. Yesterday was my first knit night after the summer so I'm on the right track.

At home I'm still trying to get organized and back to onto a schedule of running a home after being away almost 3 weeks. I don't know how people that travel for work do it. The whole home life interruptus doesn't appeal to me so much now that I have a family. That's not to say I didn't enjoy my vacation with the kids. It was great to be on the road, reconnecting with old friends, visiting new and old places. Doing the tourist thing with wild abandon. My friend Carol who we stayed with in Quebec City is the most amazing tour guide. Our kids got along famously. It was an awesome visit!
It's a crappy photo of us but our smiles say it all. This, after not having seen each other over 22 years!

Touristy photos will follow eventually.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Designated For Socks

I turned this: into this: I plan on knitting a pair of socks with it. They may even be for me.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 12

I finally got around to photographing some of the yarn I've spun.
Before and after:I finished this BFL last night after taking a three day break. I'm playing catch-up now. Last night I spun for 3.5 hours.Today I will be back to spinning with Merino, in another dark colourway.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Get Touring

I spun for 2 hours last night, the first day of Tour de Fleece. I plan to spin for 2 hours tonight, too, and tomorrow and so on.



Tonight I hope to finish the rest of this colour and maybe even ply some.

Happy Spinning!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

I am an import. I am proud to be a Canadian citizen.

Happy Birthday, Canada!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


That was the sound of my yarn diet getting blasted. OH Well! Almost lasted 6 full months. See, it all started with a find of two balls of Lopi (one green, one purple) at Frenchies. Total cost: 70 cents! Could. Not. Resist. Looks like I may have to get back to slipper knitting. Then I accidentally (yeah right) ended up at Have a Yarn in Mahone Bay. Heather had Merino/Cashmere for 50% off. I would have been insane to pass that up. It's Punta Yarns' MERICASH SOLID. So soft it should be illegal. I'm just saying. Such yarny goodness = yummm!

In other news, I joined Tour de Fleece on Ravelry. It starts July 2nd and goes until July 24th. Having joined two teams, Team Kromski 2011 and Team Canada 2011, I have big plans to spin for at least a couple hours each day, use up my fibre stash, and probably even get started on those fleeces I bought at Gaspereau Valley Fiber during the Back to Back competitions. I already washed the one I bought last year, so it just needs to be carded. I might get a chance to wash this year's fleece tomorrow since it's supposed to be a really nice day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


A while ago I finally finished this little quilt. It's my first following an actual pattern; more or less anyway, since I actually made it bigger than the pattern called for. It's a perfect size for tucking around me while I read, except that I keep finding it on my daughter's bed. I love it. It makes it seem like spring/summer inside even though the temperatures have been unseasonably low.

Which brings me to my point. It's time to start another quilt. I've been looking at my quilting magazines and quilting books I've borrowed from the library. I've been eyeballing my fabric stash (yes, I have one of those too. Don't judge me!) So far all I've managed to figure out is that I want to make a quilt that will fit at least a twin sized bed, preferably larger. I want to use fabrics that will make me happy. I don't want a fiddly pattern. I'm not ready for that yet. But that's not to say that I want to use a boring pattern because then it'll just end up in the unfinished pile. I am planning on buying one of those quilting stencils and practicing my hand quilting this summer. In the interest of speed I think I will machine-piece it. Now to just select the perfect pattern.

Monday, June 06, 2011

The Prize

Remember back in March, the March Sweater Madness? I won! And amazing Michelle of The Sweet Sheep fame sent me 2 x 4oz braids of custom-dyed Corriedale Superwash as a prize.
I love it! I can't wait to start spinning with it! I know this stuff won't have second cuts in it. Heh. And if I'm any good at spinning this lovely fibre I might have to order more for a bigger project! I even love the name she gave this colourway! Yeay!

Not a Complete Slacker

First project from my home-spun: a slouchy hat. I forget which knitting book the pattern came from. Spun from 100% merino purchased at Gaspereau Valley Fibres. The granny square blanket is done at long last! 100% wool, felted down lightly, it measures 62" square. I have at least another six on the go, in various sizes, stash busting at its finest. The Ruched Yoke Tee is done and has been getting a lot of wear. It fits great! I'm thrilled with it! Got my lamb fix during my visit to Gaspereau Valley Fibres where the Sheep Thrills were competing in the annual Back to Back Challange. This year they were using a gorgeous black fleece, the lighter tips giving the knitting a lovely variegation. Also got to chat with Deb Barnhill while she knit, what an amazing lady! This is some more of my home-spun, 76 grams worth and destined to be mittens for Brianna after my hubby dyes it to her specifications. This yarn came from one of my sheep that I raised while still on the farm, that I manually sheared (what an experience that was!), scrubbed, picked, carded (combined effort with Brianna: she's an excellent carder!), and of course spun. A learning experience for sure, especially about the evils of second cuts, oh my! Far from perfect but I'm making progress. The singles were much more even than my first attempt and except for the bits of second cuts that I didn't make too much effort not to spin in, this yarn will make a very serviceable pair of mittens. I am quite pleased.

I have a pair of socks on the needles again, and I am contemplating getting back to work on last year's Olympic Sweater. It's been pouting, abandoned, in the knitting basket long enough.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A New Project

Swatching is on the horizon for this one. I'm thinking of attempting a short-sleeved top from the Spring 2011 Interweave Knits: Ruched Yoke Tee by AnneLena Mattison.

I'm thinking of using either Cantata Cotton Crepe DK (100% Mercerized Cotton), or Bernat Soy Natural Blends (50% soy/50% acrylic). Swatching will definitely be required to see if I can get relatively close to the 20sts=10cm gauge required, since neither ball band makes this claim. Yes, this is another stash busting effort. The cotton has been sleeping around in the stash for well over 5 years. Oh my! Time for it to move on.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Check 'Em Out

Because little girls need high quality socks too. Here's Sophie with Grampie modeling some Fleece Artist socks, made with leftovers from my socks. (Not a single knot in her pair!)

Saturday, April 09, 2011


At long last, my first born is starting to recognize my obsession with all things farm and sheep related. Proof: He built me a barn and a sheep! How awesome is that!? LOVE!

Did you notice that the Spring + Summer Knitty is out? This is my next project: Corinne. I can't wait to go stash diving!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

All Mine!

Three pairs of Fleece Artist socks in as many months. Time to cast on another pair.

I'm trying to reduce my sock yarn stash (an overflowing Rubbermaid tote) so I have an excuse to buy new yarn.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Sweater Madness is Done!

Done! Done! Done!

For all the gory details please visit March Sweater Madness (link in the sidebar on the left).

Hmmm. So what's next? Maybe I should get back to the Olympic Sweater.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Knitting and Spinning

I got bit by the spinning bug. I can't get enough. I finished with the two colours of merino that I bought from Gaspereau, and the plied yarn is hanging to dry and set twist. I'm quite happy with it. Today I started spinning fleece from my own sheep. Wow, what a difference. Although far from being as soft as the merino, the spinning is still going well and the singles seem to be more even and not as over twisted. Very excited.

I've got my sock mojo back. I've started another pair of Fleece Artist socks, for me, but the yarn is turning out to be a huge disappointment. I'm only half done the first sock and I've had at least six (6!) knots! Not a happy knitter! The beautiful colour only partially makes up for it.
As for the March Sweater Madness, check out the link in the sidebar for progress. I'm at the underarm portion, with the charts all done. Will work on sleeves today and hope to attach them to the body before lights out.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Progress comes in many different guises.
For one, this is something I'll call extremely small progress, based on past performance. On the other hand, Monday was for spinning again. I've had to put a yoga mat under my wheel to stop it from sliding on the hardwood floor. Thanks to Tina's encouragement and a full afternoon this is what I will call Major progress. I stopped when my back couldn't handle any more punishment. An almost full bobbin of, far from perfect, but spun fibre. It appears that I prefer to spin finer singles. Tina's final parting words: "For homework I want two full bobbins so we can ply next time." Gee, not asking for much, eh, Tina? Tired as I was, I was eternally more grateful that she has taken me on as a student.
Zeus made only a very brief appearance to check things out while Tina was here. He must have understood in some part of his kitty brain that she's allergic to cats and kindly made himself scarce. Good kitty.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


At long last, I finally finished a pair of Fleece Artist socks for myself. It was a skein that was gifted to me by Karen. Thank you so much Karen. My feet thank you too.
As for the other Fleece Artist pair in deep purple, I've finally reached the heel flap.

I'm planning on two-timing those socks those since today marks the start of March Sweater Madness and I haven't cast on yet. Better get my needles in gear. I'll be knitting Turn of the Glass in Yarn Treehouse Merino Classic, in brown. Turns out that I didn't have nearly enough yarn of the Jo Sharp Tweed that I had originally intended on using. I'm being a rebel too: no swatch. How is that for asking for trouble from the gods of knitting??

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Knitting Plans

March is just around the corner and so is March Sweater Madness (see link in side bar). Anyone want to play along? Just pick a sweater pattern and knit during the month of March. If all stars and planets align in your favour, you shall have a finished sweater before April shows its face.
I'll be knitting Turn of the Glass from Knitty Winter 2011, from stash yarn which still needs to be unearthed.
I continue to struggle with my Fleece Artist socks. I want my sock mojo back! I wish I knew where it went. Perhaps it's vacationing somewhere warm and not giving a second thought to my need for woolly socks.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Blues?

I've been recently told by a friend while we were chatting on the phone that I was being horribly negative. Really? I felt the need to apologize and shortly thereafter we said our goodbyes but that statement made me think. I like to think of myself as a basically positive person, the glass is half-full not half-empty type. I have bad days and I've been known to spend those days in bed with a book, but those don't come as often as they did. Living with chronic back pain guarantees some cranky-bitchy-non-Mary-Sunshine days. Some. As opposed to most. The point? I guess sometimes it's nice to be able to vent with a girlfriend and allow her to do the same. Other times, when your girlfriend listens to you bitch and complain and carry on, it's her job as a friend to call you on your bull and put a stop to the pity party. And if you have a true friend like that, you have to remember to not only apologize but to also say thank you. Because let's face it: all of us have oodles of acquaintances that pass through our lives every single day but true friends are a rare and precious gift. One more thing: those same true friends expect you to call them on their crap. Be brave.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not Enough Time In the Day

Lately reading has been stealing time from the knitting. I'm not going to list all the different books I've been reading but I've finally decided that I don't have enough time to read crappy books. That is not to say I only read classics or things your Literature professor would approve of, but I have been giving myself permission to not finish a book that doesn't hold my attention or is just plain boring. It leaves me with more time for books that I actually enjoy. Yay! Because there will never be enough time to read as much as I want. Granted, it doesn't help that I'm a slow reader. So it goes without saying that knitting hasn't been getting it's time in the sun, never mind the housework.

On the knitting front, I finished a pair of thrummed mitts I started a week ago during our knit night get-together when I taught thrumming. Brianna decided to claim those. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn, so one thumb is a lighter shade of pink. (Photo one of these days.) I wasn't about to break my yarn diet for the sake of a meter worth of yarn. But since I took that meter from a skein I had in my stash, it became an exercise in stash busting. Yay! Gotta love that. Since I had wound that skein I figured I might as well make something for myself and so I knit myself a nice hat, with yarn left over. Darn those generous Briggs & Little skeins. Grin! With the left overs I started knitting wrist warmers. One is done and I hope to finish the pair today. If I can tear myself away from my latest book, that is!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


The granny square is now 62" X 62". Big, but not quite big enough.

As for the yarn diet, it lives on. You guys were NO help in trying to help talk me out of adding more to the already monstrous stash. But thanks for all the encouraging words. In the end my laziness prevented me from having to explain to my dear husband why I was bringing more wool into the house. I had to drive my daughter to a couple functions last Saturday and I was more interested in spending quality time on the couch than behind the wheel driving out to Gaspereau. Long live Lazy!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I'm thinking of breaking my yarn diet. I know. It didn't take long. But I'm helpless in the face of a sale and there's going to be a good one at Gaspereau Valley Fibres this weekend. They're hosting Winter, Wine and Wool with some local wineries. Taste testing of Ice Wines, and a new batch of Fleece Artist seconds for about 50% off.

Would you be able to resist? Want to join me?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Have Pity

I'm sick. It's just a cold but I suffer it terribly and very great misery. After all, drugs can only do so much. My nose won't stop running and I swear I get a mini-concussion with each sneeze. Even the cats won't cuddle with me. So after a trip into town do run a few errands early this afternoon (I usually don't go out and share my germs when I'm sick, honest!), I've been spending my day on the couch under a big blanket, working on my granny square and watching some rather bad TV.

This too shall pass.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

On the Needle and Hook

Having finished the 5 Day sweater, I was as a loss for a mindless knitting project. A stash busting one. Far be it for me to get back to all the UFOs I promised to give my attention to this year. Ah, you know how it goes...lots of time for all that. And it seemed like to much work that actually had to be done. I was not in the mood to be dictated to by my knitting. No way. So what did I do? Got inspired by Smoking Hot Needles. I've done all kinds of large granny square projects before, from squares for my couch cushions to my son's birthday blanket. The former in acrylic, the latter in pure wool. So I got to thinking. I have LOTS of Aussie wool in my stash, mill ends of varying quantities and in a multitude of colours. Granny squares are as mindless as it gets. Yes, it did occur to me that it's not knitting, but crocheting is fast. There was an excellent possibility that I would have a very large finished project before I got bored of it. I saw it as a no-lose opportunity. Heh.

This is what I have so far. A 22" square.

Now, I'm also knitting, although admittedly the crochet is getting a more significant chunk of my time. I started this slip-stitch thing before Christmas. Same Aussie wool as the crochet project. Because like I already mentioned, I have LOTS of it. Do not judge me. It was dirt cheap.

I forget how many stitches I casted on. Many. I eventually plan on felting it. I'm thinking that it may serve it's life as a throw rug one day.

So, there's nothing special or exotic on the needle and hook, but these too projects are certainly making me feel productive. Have I mentioned how I love stash busting?

Thursday, January 20, 2011


My stash is obscenely out of control. The numbers do not lie. I'm still not finished counting.

On the other hand, said stash has been brought to its knees by my ripping from its clutches enough Fleece Artist to whip up this sweater:
The Five Day sweater. I've lost the tags for the two yarns long ago, but one was a boucle and one was worsted weight. I designed it on the needles as I knit along during a Gilmore Girls marathon (season one). I was worried as I got to the half way mark on the second sleeve. There wasn't much yarn left. This is all that remains:
I am thrilled with the finished sweater and even more so with the amount of stash busted.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Inventory Tally-Ho

Inventory and sorting of yarn and fabric has begun. I'm counting and weighing and recording the yarn (oh my!) and just sorting the fabric into Rubbermaid totes by type: flannel, fleece, cotton, pant-weight, Christmas, etc... Two days in, and I feel like I've just begun.

So what's the state of your stash? Minor, manageable or obscene? Curious mind wants to know.

Finished objects this year so far include a hat and a pair of socks that were actually begun last year. I've got a work sock on the needles and a glove, aside from the numerous sweaters at various stages of completion.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Knitting Resolutions

I intend on making knitting resolutions. Sewing resolutions too, since I've been slack in that department as well. They haven't been spelled out yet, but I've been giving them a lot of thought. Inventory will be a given, of yarn and fabric. Also inventory of works in progress. There are a few of those. Call me Queen of Understatement.
Yesterday I declared another yarn diet, effective immediately, until Sept 30, which is the start of KnitEast Fibre Fest in New Brunswick. Very exciting. I hope to have put a decent dent in my stash by then to justify a replenishment. It will also give me time to save up for said replenishment. I'm just giddy with the possibilities. I don't want to think of a fabric diet at the moment. No point depriving myself completely.
Long live knitting.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!!

This year we spent Christmas at Mathew's home in Saint John. We stayed for a week and that was plenty. Long enough to enjoy each other's company and get to know the grandson better, not long enough (I hope) to get on each other's nerves and wish to never do it again. Just right.
Here's Brianna snuggling with Rylie. They got along famously.

I knit, I visited with old and new friends, I shopped, I played with Rylie, I learned a new card game, I ate lots of turkey, and then I knit some more. Socks and fingerless mitts. Everyone got new hand-knit socks for Christmas except Rylie and yours truly. I plan to rectify that in this new year. Rylie got to learn a new word "YARN" since he took a fancy to the wool out of which I was knitting his mommy's socks. Oh, and I did some sock warranty work. I started before we left Saint John, had the first sock re-knit by Moncton (I was re-knitting from the heel flap down), and had only the toe remaining to knit by the time we got home, but that's only because I took over driving somewhere in NS. I don't even remember now when I started to drive (Sackville maybe?). I do remember that once we got outside Windsor the weather turned nasty. By Kentville I was only able to drive about 70km/h and past Kingston no more than 40 or 50km/h. On the highway. It's always so good to get home. It was even better once we saw that there was no damage to the house or when we found out that we still had power. We weren't sure what we'd be getting home to when we saw all the power trucks on the road. We had expected the worst so it was quite a relief to get home to everything intact.
Oh yes. See that picture? We had the privilege of babysitting Brianna's class guinea pigs over the holiday and naturally had to take them with us to NB. Rylie fell in love. He couldn't stop kissing Snowball every time she was out of the cage. But we weren't allowed to put the guinea pigs in his lap or he started screaming. Oh, the trauma the first time we tried it.

See that look on Zeus's face? Not impressed. He's pretty good at holding a grudge. It's not like I abandoned him, and certainly not on purpose. A few days away and he didn't want to have anything to do with me. Talk about getting the cold shoulder from a cat. Eventually he came around and then I couldn't get away from him, he was sticking to me like glue. Mr. Lovey-Dovey.
It's good to be home.
Happy New Year to one and all.