Thursday, January 06, 2011

Inventory Tally-Ho

Inventory and sorting of yarn and fabric has begun. I'm counting and weighing and recording the yarn (oh my!) and just sorting the fabric into Rubbermaid totes by type: flannel, fleece, cotton, pant-weight, Christmas, etc... Two days in, and I feel like I've just begun.

So what's the state of your stash? Minor, manageable or obscene? Curious mind wants to know.

Finished objects this year so far include a hat and a pair of socks that were actually begun last year. I've got a work sock on the needles and a glove, aside from the numerous sweaters at various stages of completion.


Pam said...

My yarn and fabric stash is obscene but my book stacs (in my opinion) is manageable now. It once was outta control. I need to dive into my craft closet and sort stuff out myself. I've had fabric that I've been stashing for 12 years! I'm just afriad I'll get lost in the mess and never return. ;)

Dorothy said...

My yarn is a mess; I don't have any amount of anything ... but small amounts of lots of stuff. Mostly finger puppet yarn.
My fabric stash isn't very big; have lots of fabric to make show shirts for Katie (and hopefully for selling)
But my craft room is a MESS. Monday I hope to be able to start cleaning it - can't do it with kids home to "help"