Wednesday, October 31, 2007


That there is a little boy.
Bath time...

Would you believe we just had our first trick or treaters in five years??! Wow. We tried giving away a kitten or two in treat bags, but sadly, we had no takers. No, I am not kidding.

I made Brianna a witch costume (which I was just informed is no longer a costume but part of her clothes!), a dress and cape. Hat was store-bought. She loved it. Is planning on using it as a nightgown tonight...

Trick or Treat

Happy Canadian Halloween!

(It's supposed to be a beaver, okay?)

That's a female, with extra toes like the mama.

"What you lookin' at?"

Blogger nixed me from adding any more photos for the moment.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Because what Alison wants, Alison gets. Here are some kitties.

The one on the far right is a girl, the other two are boys.

I wish we had high-speed here. It takes forever to get pictures up.

In other news, there was white fluffy stuff falling from the sky before lunch. I'm not going to say the S word in case it comes back. It's lovely out there right now. At least the house is bathed in sunlight.


Hubby got his deer this afternoon. We won't starve, seeing how Fudge is still on the hoof. I should pick up some hay for the cows soon. There is very little pasture remaining. Occasionally I've been letting Moonlight roam around free, mowing down the lawn, which she does so well. Of course she is far from dumb and knows where all the drop apples are, and fills up on those too; you know, so they don't go to waste.


It's funny how long I've waited for my invite to Ravelry, and now that I am a full-fledged member, I rarely make it on there. If you go looking for me, I'm woolfoolBarbara.

In knitting news, the past couple evenings I've been working on a little baby sweater, pattern from One-Skein Wonders. I have decided to make two: first one for one of my favourite librarians and the other for a favourite customer at work. The first of these lovely ladies has recently become a grandmother for the first time, and the other will become one in another couple weeks. I am so happy for them. Hey, it's an excuse to knit teeny tiny things again, okay?

It would appear I have to start knitting mittens very soon. Really soon. Like tonight. I hope. Everyone needs mittens for some reason. I could have sworn we had at least two pairs for every body in this house! Huh!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Where's the Time Gone?

This morning, just after the sun came up. Striking, isn't it? I think I still love it here.

No, I haven't gone and moved without blogging all about it. We've had plenty of showings, and even an offer or two, but nothing serious enough to warrant a second thought. We have been thinking about where we eventually want to end up, and it turns out, after much discussion and soul searching, that it will not be New Brunswick. Let me explain...
When we first decided to sell the house and move, it was largely based on wanting our kids to be closer to other kids their own age, closer to activity centers, etc. Halifax was out of the question; prices of housing, the increasing crime, traffic, crime, ridiculous housing prices, crime.... You get the picture. We didn't want to have anything to do with Halifax. (Which is why we had moved to the country in the first place, but I digress.) I/we realised, to have decent services, that we would definitely have to move closer to a town, possibly within town limits (gasp!). But we didn't want to end up working just to pay a mortgage and taxes on a place in town. I am sure I don't need to point out that accommodations in town are way more expensive than in the country, but there, I said it anyway. (I'm like that: stating the obvious.) Anyway.... I think more than anything else, we simply chickened out of the whole Miramichi, NB idea. Don't get me wrong: there were lots of schools, elementary and secondary, lots of libraries, quaint town centers, plenty of services. The Miramichi River running through it all made it pretty as a picture. There even reasonably priced homes. Within our means. But the shock to the systems of moving off a 150 acres to a lot 150' by 150'? Of being reminded just how small the average town lot is? Too much. I don't know. Having to whisper in your own house so your neighbours don't know your business? Actually, the neighbours here seems to know my business... Even as I write this, it sounds like I am just making excuses. I do recognize the need to move from this particular area. I guess what it comes down to is that I really and truly like Nova Scotia. So. What I'm trying to say is that we've started looking at Annapolis Valley as a possibility.

In other news, this pair of socks is now completely finished. Did you happened to notice that there are three?? Yup. Talk about a colossal screw-up! I knit the first two, not realizing that I had cast on a different amount of stitches. The first sock was all kitchenered up and everything. That's the one that had 8 (!!) extra stitches. How in hell did that happen? Good grief. Anyway, I didn't realize the size difference until the second sock was done. Don't ask how I could have missed it. So. I started knitting the third sock. See, I didn't want to deal with all the unpicking of my ever-so-clever sewn in ends. Had to anyway as you can plainly see, because the rest of yarn had been dyed quite a bit darker (not by me). I know some people (Alison) that are quite happy to see the grandeur of my freakish knitting accident.

And last but not least, feeding time at the zoo.
The kittens will be ready to go in another three weeks or so. Any takers?? They're really cute, and playful, and have been handled a LOT so they'll make great pets...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Socks, Finished and Otherwise

And this is how we knit his socks, knit his socks, knit his socks...(this was when I was evicted from the house for a showing; we went to the elementary school playground so the kids could play; I'm leaning up against hubby, practically laying down on the bench)
Like I said before, fraternal, not identical. I used this funky elastic/nylon yarn with my strand of wool for the heels to see if that will strengthen them up more. It sure made them cushier. Hubby loves them. Here they are after their first wash. I wash socks in the washer (cold water) but always hang them up to dry.
These are my lovely knee-highs. They're very soft and comfortable but that works against having them stay up. I plan on sewing in an elastic so they stay put, and already I am planning another pair. I love these. May need to knit a pair of bloomers to go with them! There was a cute pair on Knitty....

It's a blustery fall day out there. I so adore fall. Sweater weather; book reading with a hot cup of tea weather...

Guess what!? I tried belly dancing yesterday! I borrowed a video from the library and finally had a go at it. Talk about a workout! But fun. Great for legs and butt. It should help with coordination too. Brianna was doing it with me! We had a blast. Fun, fun...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trashed House

Knitter on a rampage. All in the name of wool. Last night I started knitting socks out of the same wool (Patons Classic) from which I made my March Madness Sweater. I got to the end of a partial ball and went looking for more. There began the madness. I knew I had lots and lots. It wasn't in the bar with a couple other current projects. Not in the wall unit cupboards. Other wool and patterns and accessories went flying every which way. I knew it had to be somewhere close.... Finally I went to the barn to check if it accidentally got hidden out there with the major part of the stash. Four boxes later, and I finally found it. Went back into the house and realized how much damage I caused. It resembles much like a hurricane had blown through.
Now, hours later, the mess still hasn't magically cleaned itself up. Welllll.... It will have to wait til tomorrow. I am rebelling against the strict spotlessness that I have been attempting to maintain in the name of selling this house.
I deserve a break.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Feel Good Weekend

Another Monday morning. Oops... it's Tuesday already, isn't it? Okay then. Moving right along.

To update, Saturday evening hubby and I went up the road to Charlie's camp (a short way past our back 40) for a drink and a chat around the camp fire, and I had the pleasure of meeting his wife Maggie and their friends Mary and Ray. We had a great time. It's nice to get out of the house and visit with people. It turns out that Maggie is a knitter. She commented on my socks when I slipped out my feet to warm them by the fire... It was a rather cold evening. "...did you use variegated yarn or your own pattern...?" I must have had a smile a mile wide, I was so pleased that she noticed they where hand-made! Totally cool. Originally from Cape Breton, she also knows how to spin, and told stories of evenings at home when she was young, picking and carding fleece and of course spinning! Now she and Charlie live in Blandford on the ocean, and invited me down, to try kayaking. Wow! Did I mention I got on really well with her and the others and had a simply wonderful time? I sure did. Yes, I did! LOL
* * *
Sunday morning while I slept in, hubby and Brianna went up Lake Pleasant Road scoping out places for deer hunting (she's an early riser just like hubby). I knew they were planning on going to the camp after that, because Charlie and company had said they would drop by on their way home. Eventually, after bringing the house to rights and doing odd jobs around the house, the boys and I decided to ride to the camp on our bikes. Another beautifully crisp, sunny day. We ended up staying at the camp for lunch (partridge that hubby got on Saturday morning's hunt with the kids). We headed back home after I finished one of hubby's patchwork socks and didn't have other knitting with me!
That evening we watched a video I borrowed from the library, Medicine Man with Sean Connery. Brianna fell asleep half way through. It was a nice cozy family evening. I loved it.
Yesterday's highlights:
  • While Colin stayed home with me, the rest went up the road looking for more partridge. No luck. Hubby claimed it was because Colin didn't go, and he was the good luck charm. Hubby did say he saw a huge buck just on the other side of the small lake. He was so excited I kept hoping he wouldn't have a heart attack.
  • I sized up the turkey, but she ended up getting off with her head intact. A male meat bird wasn't so lucky. He met his end in a quiet and dignified manner. After throwing some grain down, I just sneaked up behind him and grabbed him by the legs which I tied together for later hanging. The bugger had it coming that's for sure. He's one of two that sometimes would peck my leg or foot when I was throwing leftover bread to the chickens. Nasty.
  • I made more bread, this time rye and organic white. The 12-grain that I made on Friday wasn't a big hit as usual, and the leftovers get hard after a couple days (the chickens never complain!). On the other hand, the two loaves of plain white bread? One was gone even before I got home Friday night!
  • Chatted with artist friend on the phone, since couldn't go visit with bird in the oven.
  • Still reading The Time Traveller's Wife and loving it!
  • Read three chapters of Colin's book, Icefire by Chris D'Lacey. We're getting close to the end but I couldn't keep going. My throat kept getting too dry. Very good book. About dragons. It's a trilogy and now I wish he had gotten the first book so we could have read them in order. A nice mother/son quality time together. He likes it, and so do I, when I read to him.
  • Finished hubby's patchwork socks: they ended up being fraternal, not identical. He said he doesn't care. I made them, and they're wool and that's good enough for him. He loves wool socks. I may have mentioned this fact before. But he has standards: they must be Briggs and Little wool socks, not fancy skinny wool socks!

Today? I don't know what today will bring. Hopefully my books that I bought on crack-bay. Hubby is in the woods, working. Sawing lumber for Bob the baker. That means I have the house to myself. I've already been tidying up and the dishwasher and washing machine are going. It's so quiet. Lovely. I originally toyed with the idea of cleaning out the kids' closet under the stairs, but that will be a humongous job. But it desperately needs doing. I wonder how long I can avoid it... After all, I have a great book to read and lots of pretty wool to play with...

Saturday, October 06, 2007


You know, I think the laundry in this house has been taking tips from rabbits, or something. Really. Because it sure multiplies like freaking rabbits. Every time I turn my back! I can't keep up, or just barely.
I've been doing laundry better part of the day. Thank goodness it was warm and breezy so I could hang it out on the line. It irks me to no end when I am forced to use the dryer.

Anyway, after a morning of tidying up and the laundry, taking quality time outs to spend time with the little people, and do some reading, I finally managed to get out late in the afternoon for a visit with my artist friend. We sat outside with our wine and chatted until the temperature started to drop below comfort level. It was a lovely and thoroughly enjoyable time. Then I hopped on my bike and headed home.

A perfect Saturday.

Friday, October 05, 2007

To Clarify

Alison (the other one) asked what we do with all those carrots. No, they're not just for the kids to have sword fights with. Actually, for the most part, they will be bait for deer. I do set aside quite a lot for my cows, rabbits and chickens. Yes, chickens do like carrots. And the turkey does, too. Imagine that! Also while filling buckets for the animals, I pick out some nice ones for the house. I love carrot cake! Yummy...

I've been busy today doing laundry, making bread (two different kinds), milking the cow, making beds, more laundry, folding and putting away...

Hubby just got back from the woods and he's making lunch for us. I better get moving and start getting ready for work.

Oh yes, it is the most glorious autumn day out there! Beautiful.... Don't feel like going to work today. Would rather stay home and enjoy it!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Ughhh. Another showing. A re-showing, I should say, but not until 4pm. The guy from last Friday is bringing wife and kids. Hubby is elated. Me, not so much. The guy was a jerk. Or maybe it's just that my first impression of him was less than favourable. I suppose it really doesn't matter what his personality is like if he has enough cold hard cash to buy this place. Must remember to keep it all in perspective. At least it's a gorgeous sunny day, and not pouring like last Friday.

Valley trip continued, in pictures. That's hubby, spreading the carrots around so we don't lose any on the way home. We managed to get two bins on my truck. One bin's weight? Between 700-800lbs! There is a good work truck, working. As it's meant to. Not just a toy. hee hee

Check this out! Cables! And twist2tog!

What would be the point of getting a truck load of carrots if not for a carrot sword fight?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Valley

We had a showing today. Noon-ish. A very good time for a showing. The kids gone to school and still enough time to make the house shine, and even grab a shower. Did I ever tell that I don't do mornings all that well?
This showing was a very pleasant experience, compared to the last one this past Friday. Maybe it's that we've passed the insane cleaning stage. Maybe we've finally gotten into a grove, a rhythm, of getting a house ready for a showing. Maybe we've gotten back to living full time, and selling house as an afterthought. It's now as stressful, either way.
Oh yes, and today's prospective buyer? Total eye candy! WOWweee

So, the looker (hee hee) and real estate agent weren't down the driveway yet when I suggested we take a drive to the Valley. Hubby didn't need to think twice. This is the best time of the year to visit the Valley, if you ask my opinion. We were going to get a bin or two of carrots from Sawlers (cull carrots for the deer, and my farm critters) and of course get some fine fresh veggies in bulk at wholesale prices. I love it! 50lbs of beets; 25lbs of onions; 10lbs of turnips and cabbage respectively...

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I am thankful for a good growing season. And local produce. (Have you read The 100-mile Diet? A must. An eye opener!)
The apple trees are so tremendously burdened by the fruit this year, that we saw the odd tree laying on it's side, trunk snapped under the weight (2nd picture). Hubby's good friend and friend's family own several large orchards around Berwick (that's one of theirs directly above). Visiting this time of year is out of the question. Once all the trees are bare and only clean up remains, then will be time enough for stopping by and chatting.

Monday, October 01, 2007

A New Obsession??

Here are some of my most recent acquisitions:

Plus quilting needles and rule, and a stack of quilting books courtesy of my local library.

After admiring the quilts at Suttles & Seawinds, hubby says to me, "... you could do that. Make your own...". So I think I will. Because I have too much time on my hands and all that.

And a tiny bit of cuteness to sign off with.

Frosty Morning

Yes, literally. It's so effortless to pick up knitting on a chilly morning, where you don't have to worry about sweaty hands slowing the progress of yarn over needles. I started a new pair of Briggs & Little socks for hubby from leftovers. They will look like a patchwork quilt by the time I am finished.

Speaking of patchwork quilts, the family did go to Mahone Bay yesterday afternoon. We had a wonderful time. It was a truly glorious day! The quilts? Well, there was one shop opposite Mom's Buy and Sell, I don't recall the name... The shop was filled with quilts, naturally. I asked the proprietor if the quilts were made locally. "A few, but most are made in Thailand... We support a village there." Sure, I thought to myself. As opposed to supporting the people right in your own community. What a farce. He was so pleased to tell me that the quilts were all hand-stitched. Yes. Of course. But I didn't dare ask what kind of "fair" wage the quilters were receiving in that supported village, so he could still make a big fat profit.

We eventually ended up at Suttles and Seawinds. Oh my! Outside the display barn, there were local ladies demonstrating quilting. I wish I had brought my camera. There were live musicians, playing most skillfully and beautifully. It was a lovely atmosphere. And the quilts in the barn? YES, all hand made by area quilters, each one more stunning than the previous. Oh, the colours!! And there were more upstairs, some displayed on walls, railings, and from the rafters, others on those high, old fashioned beds. I was awe-struck. So charming, so delightful... I purchased some fabric! I think I shall give quilting a try. Because you all know I don't have enough hobbies already and way too much time on my hands! *Grin*