Friday, October 05, 2007

To Clarify

Alison (the other one) asked what we do with all those carrots. No, they're not just for the kids to have sword fights with. Actually, for the most part, they will be bait for deer. I do set aside quite a lot for my cows, rabbits and chickens. Yes, chickens do like carrots. And the turkey does, too. Imagine that! Also while filling buckets for the animals, I pick out some nice ones for the house. I love carrot cake! Yummy...

I've been busy today doing laundry, making bread (two different kinds), milking the cow, making beds, more laundry, folding and putting away...

Hubby just got back from the woods and he's making lunch for us. I better get moving and start getting ready for work.

Oh yes, it is the most glorious autumn day out there! Beautiful.... Don't feel like going to work today. Would rather stay home and enjoy it!

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