Monday, October 01, 2007

Frosty Morning

Yes, literally. It's so effortless to pick up knitting on a chilly morning, where you don't have to worry about sweaty hands slowing the progress of yarn over needles. I started a new pair of Briggs & Little socks for hubby from leftovers. They will look like a patchwork quilt by the time I am finished.

Speaking of patchwork quilts, the family did go to Mahone Bay yesterday afternoon. We had a wonderful time. It was a truly glorious day! The quilts? Well, there was one shop opposite Mom's Buy and Sell, I don't recall the name... The shop was filled with quilts, naturally. I asked the proprietor if the quilts were made locally. "A few, but most are made in Thailand... We support a village there." Sure, I thought to myself. As opposed to supporting the people right in your own community. What a farce. He was so pleased to tell me that the quilts were all hand-stitched. Yes. Of course. But I didn't dare ask what kind of "fair" wage the quilters were receiving in that supported village, so he could still make a big fat profit.

We eventually ended up at Suttles and Seawinds. Oh my! Outside the display barn, there were local ladies demonstrating quilting. I wish I had brought my camera. There were live musicians, playing most skillfully and beautifully. It was a lovely atmosphere. And the quilts in the barn? YES, all hand made by area quilters, each one more stunning than the previous. Oh, the colours!! And there were more upstairs, some displayed on walls, railings, and from the rafters, others on those high, old fashioned beds. I was awe-struck. So charming, so delightful... I purchased some fabric! I think I shall give quilting a try. Because you all know I don't have enough hobbies already and way too much time on my hands! *Grin*


Desperate Housewife said...

I was in Mahone Bay for the Scarecrow festival too! I heard the same spiel from the quilt guy about the village in Thailand. And I was in Suttles and Seawinds. My tongue was pretty much hanging out of my mouth the whole time I was in the barn.

I had especially wanted to go to the two rug hooking studios, but one was closed for the weekend and we arrived Saturday 20 minutes after the other one had closed for the day. %$#@!!!

Ali P said...

LOL at closed rug shops. aaaahhh Mahone Bay. Why be open when there are actually people around like on a Weekend!!? LOL They's allll tuckered out from tourist season and having had semi-regular hours.
I used to go to S and S's for their scrap bags...literally plastic bags of scraps. I went for the velvet scraps because it went with my crazy quilting projects.