Monday, December 31, 2007

Saying Good-Bye to the Old Year

And good riddance! Here's hoping that the New Year will bring with it a more positive outlook.

I definitely know that the New Year will bring a lot of changes. There will be much de-cluttering, physically and metaphorically speaking. Let's see: Our house is sold and we have to be moved out by Feb 1st. Majority of our furniture is on it's last legs (how it survived our kids this long is beyond me!), so before we move there will be a rather large bonfire lighting up the evening sky as the barely standing dressers burn to ashes. Outgrown clothes, or ones not worn in over a year, will be either donated away or put out of their misery on garbage day. More acrylic yarn will be donated to The Daisy and the FRC in Bridgewater. I tried to give some away at the Wired Monk on Saturday but no one wanted to take it home with them. This "vintage" yarn is starting to develop a complex! I bought it way back when (I didn't know any better/it was on sale!) Eatons was still around. Any takers?? It is FREE! I can't help that I've become a yarn snob over the past few years.

There is all that emotional garbage I'm looking forward to getting rid of, as well. Think good, happy thoughts and let the good and happy stuff happen to me and all that. Yeah, we'll just have to see about that. See, what I mean?

Of course there is the job. I already gave notice. Anyone out there that knows how to sew/do alterations and has some retail experience is encouraged to apply at the Quick Cobbler in the Bridgewater Mall. They have an excellent reputation and are wonderful to work for. You must be willing to work evenings. No weekends.

In knitting news:

Don't get too excited. That there is my yarn haul from the Tangled Skeins in Dartmouth. They had a huge sale during the Boxing Week and I couldn't resist.

There was other yarn purchased too, because Michael's had a sale on yarn and accessories, and because my partner in crime, Ali P is such an enabler!

See that? A finished pair of wrist warmer in Briggs & Little Heritage. They're actually more turquoise than blue. My own pattern. Naturally Brianna is already trying to stake her claim to them. Silly child. The EZ Knitter's Almanac and sock yarn were scored at Have a Yarn in Mahone Bay. Four balls of sock yarn and the needles in a kit, at 25% off. Heather had lots there a week ago, among other kits also 25% off. You should go!

Lookie what I won during the Ninja Knitter's Advent Giveaway. I love it! Just for doing a good deed. The Ninja is truly a lovely and generous person. If you join the KOL ladies at the Wired Monk on Tuesday evenings, you will see for yourself.

And speaking of that get-together on Saturday, where I knit on the Lopi sweater, not one of those nice ladies wanted to volunteer to help me to sew in the ends on that pink monster. Not a single one! I was positively shocked. (not really)

I did get to lurk around and snap a quick photo while Henry was making nice with George (which was so much better than what he did to the Duck!). It was fabulous meeting so many cool knitters. And the Wired Monk is a seriously awesome place to spend a couple or three hours knitting with like-minded people.

I had a fabulous time. I will try to make it to one some of the Tuesday KOLs.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tripping Down Memory Lane

After dropping the man/child off at the Digby ferry, we headed towards the Valley to scout for housing. Along the way, I instructed hubby to take a little side trip, to the old Cornwallis Basic Training Base. Both hubby and I spent a few (10 long, mostly sleepless) memorable weeks there, during the bitter grip of winter. Back then, we had real winters.

I remember marching or running in formation, trying not to slip and fall on the icy or snow-covered roads. Or doing push-ups in front of the H-huts, the living quarters, before being led off to the mess hall for breakfast even before the sun had the decency to wake up. Ah, those were the days...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Cabin in the Woods

Two pairs of gift socks in two days. I even shocked myself. But my hands didn't thank me the next day. The yarn is Briggs and Little Anniversary twist. Matching socks for the 18 year old dude and his biggest fan, the 9 year old dude.

The blanket under the socks is coming along too. Slowly. I admit it's already been put into service. Maybe another 18" or so and it will be big enough for a king sized bed. Then I'll have to consider some kind of trim or edging. Something nice to dress it up a bit. But I tell you, there is nothing like wool. This sucker is heavy, and warm! Long live sheep, long live wool.

That's me in our semi-finished addition. See that wool blanket being put to use? (The date on the picture is wrong... it was taken two days ago when I was gabbing on the phone with Alison, and knitting on one of those socks pictured above. Multitasking: how else do you think I managed two pairs in two days??) The Olympic sweater and the blanket, and the three kittens on my lap and legs were totally necessary as the addition is unheated and tends to be on the cold side.

This was our annual trek through the back 40 to select a Christmas tree. It was a long easier walking last year without all that white stuff on the ground!

Getting a tree off our own land: one more reason I love living in the country.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The View from My Desk

Taken this afternoon at 5:14pm.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Kitten Update

Just thought you'd all be happy to know that the "Thief" has found a new home, at Marla's. It really didn't take all that much convincing that her life would be so much more complete with a fluffy ball of cuteness demanding her attention.

Now, only four more need homes. Any takers? How about this oh-so-cute tabby? We've been calling him Sam and he is so very playful!

Belly Laugh Out Loud

A little cartoon courtesy of my drinking buddy, Michelle:

And for a fabulous cookie recipe, go visit Alison (the one of KOL).

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Here to Stay

Snow. Yup, I don't think it's going anywhere.
Me. Yup, final decision made not to leave NS. For a while there, a very tense couple weeks, Ontario was in the running, Kitchener area specifically. Unbelievably, I was offered a job in my home town to the tune of double the wage and then some of what I am earning now. Plus a partnership if I wanted it. In a tailor shop. A huge opportunity that needed closer consideration. But in the end, there was more to lose than to gain. Well, to gain too I suppose, if I were to count the extra stress of full-time work and rarely seeing my kids. However, that's neither here nor there. We're staying in NS. We're all quite relieved that that monumental decision has been made. Holy loss of sleep Batman!

Monday, December 03, 2007