Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I spent all day yesterday on the run. Technically behind the wheel of my (now fixed) truck. I had to go to Bridgewater for a Dr. appointment. (Why yes, Susie, there is a Dr. shortage in Nova Scotia.) The #10 Hwy is still in terrible shape, but I do enjoy the drive over the South Mountain, especially now that the leaves are starting to change, and the drive also provides my brain with a chance to wander and relax. Kind of like driving on auto-pilot. Worries about the laundry and kids fighting and dusting stay at home while I move further and further away. Not unlike a mini-vacation. Sad, I know this. I am going to brag a bit now, don't say you weren't warned. I lost another 3 lbs, and that's a really good thing. And: my Dr. told me I should feel free to frame my cholesterol test results, they were that awesome! That deserved a bit of a celebration. Naturally.

That's where the "broken" comes in. I drove to Mahone Bay, and Have a Yarn. Ooooooh, all that loverly yarn. Good thing I didn't have all kinds of time to drool over all those beautiful skeins. The yarn diet is officially dead. I am not sorry. I was a good girl for such a long time!! My purchase was very virtuous, I'll have you know. I bought two skeins of Fleece Artist fame, and they will be used for Christmas presents. So that's the extent of my sharing. No show. Just know that I am positively gloating over my fabulous choices. They were meant to come home with me. It was fate, it was destiny... Clapping my hands with glee...

Friday, September 17, 2010

About The Knitting

Recently I finished two major projects, ones that I am very pleased to say were major stash busters. First there was daughter's blanket tube, busting down the acrylic stash. She loves it, and I love the fact that so much yardage is not lingering and collecting dust anymore.
Second, was son's blanket tube, knit in Briggs & Little Atlantic, making for very heavy knitting. I am ashamed to admit that I still have more of the hunter orange Atlantic left over, but I foresee knitting a few hats for hunting season.
AliP, all that complaining I did about sewing in the ends? See this picture? Do you feel my pain yet?

And finally a test drive, checking for fit. I think he approves.

These blanket tubes were inspired by the striped blankets from The Morehouse Farm Merino Knits book by Margrit Lohrer. My many thanks.

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's been a Long Time...

At long last, an update of sorts, heavy on the photos.

First, my little cat whisperer:
Next, a small (and late) tomato crop. I'm quite surprised that I am actually getting any tomatoes off my plants this year, considering how many times the plants have found themselves under water after heavy downpours. I am starting to ponder the wisdom of even putting in a vegetable garden next year. Third, have I told you all about Kerry Reichs? What a wonderful author. I finished reading her first book today, The Best Day of Someone Else's Life. I laughed until there were tears running down my face! But I think I may have said that about her other book, as well.
Knitterly update will follow tomorrow.
Here's more:

The end of August I ended up at Lake Torment with the family. It was especially hot and we were glad when all the running around and chores were finished so we could take a much deserved break.

We visited with our friends, the ones with a lakeside cottage. Hubby got there first, after work, to shoot bow with his best friend. I didn't get there with the kids until mid-afternoon after a trip to Kentville and Berwick. While the guys did guy stuff --shooting bow and then building gates for the deck--Michelle, always the perfect hostess, the kids and I went swimming. We got invited to stay for dinner. Other than the leeches, it was positively blissful, the water warm enough to be comfortable yet ever so refreshing. The leeches surprised us all. And perhaps freaked us out more than we will ever willingly admit. But obviously not enough to stop the kids from begging to go back in the lake after supper! Kids...(shaking head...) Did I mention how blissful the afternoon was?

Michelle had all three of her dogs with her that kept the kids entertained: an aging beagle named Spot and brother and sister Miniature Schnauzers named Zack and Cookie. That's Colin with Zack! What a little butch. The dog, not Colin. And Cookie is a darling, terribly shy and oh, such a girl. So cute!!

Brianna with Cookie.