Thursday, June 30, 2005

Let it Rain

I can never complain about rain. Not even when there there is a river flowing through the stone walls of my basement. I have at long last accepted that such is life in a century-old house. And all I can do is hope the rain will be enough to water the garden.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Meet Spike

Blogworld, meet Spike. Spike, meet the bloggers.
Pretty darn cute, isn't he? Talk about your impulse buys. There I was in the mall, returning my train tickets for Toronto, returning my new luggage (what's the point of keeping a suitcase I was never going to use, right? The reasons for all these returns to be revealed...eventually.) Anyway, so I was wondering aimlessly around the mall and there was the petshop right in front of me, whispering "come on in, come on in..."
No adorable kittens, no feisty puppies to oooh and aaah over. Well. Didn't feel like looking at the fish was going to perk me up any. But there, in the glassed case where the owner was standing, were maybe half dozen dwarf rabbits in various stages of repose, mostly pure black except for two. So naturally I had to ask the normal questions (out of politeness, you understand); how old they were (about 4 weeks), how big would they get (maybe 2lbs, no more than 2and a half ), when they were ready to go (NOW)...
Well, I asked to hold one and as they say, the rest is history! But isn't he adorable! It took a couple days to name him. Couldn't give him a whimpy sounding name, nothing girlie. And so Spike it is. Note that he's not much bigger than that teacup. And he's not exactly growing by leaps and bounds either. Which is fine by me. Right now he lives in a cat carrier. When it looks like he has stopped growing (that cracks me up! HA), I'll get hubby to build him a condo fit for a big brave rabbit like him. Yah, Spike. Long live Spike!
In other Spike news, my daughter (she's 5) tried knitting him a SuperSpike cape. Kind of like superman but better. It didn't turn out so well, but her passion for making knitwear hasn't suffered. Good to know she wasn't switched at birth!!