Friday, September 28, 2012

More Socks and a Kitten

Just a little over a month to go to Halloween.  Although I'm not exactly "dashing" along, progress is being made in the Halloween Dash.  I completed another two pairs of socks weighing in at 332g. Subtract that from my previous total of 3156g and I'm down to 2824g.  I also have a pair of skinny socks about 3/4 done and a pair gloves for which I need to knit three more fingers. Can't count them until they're done though.  I'm thinking a cotton sweater should go pretty quickly and put a nice kick into that total. I will be stash diving this weekend for something appropriate. 
I can't miss out on posting a picture of a little someone for Friday Felines.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Felines

This ended with fur flying.  Knit-Wit going for Zeus's throat was the final straw before the royal rumble began.

And then there are moments like this, when he looks so innocent.  But only when he sleeps.  LOL

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dashing Along

I am pretty pleased with how quickly I managed to knit this little sweater.  It's for my grandson's third birthday, at the end of this month, so I had good reason to get my knit on.  It's from the Debbie Bliss book "Cotton Knits for all seasons".  I've made some minor modifications, for ease of knitting, and to accommodate the yarn I was using, since this was another stash buster.  First, I didn't use cotton.  My yarn of choice was Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends, 70% Acrylic and 30% Alpaca.  There is an excellent chance that this sweater will end up going into the washer and dryer so I hope the amount of acrylic will help keep this close to it's original size.  For that reason, and the fact my gauge was a little off, I aimed to make it a little bigger.  (Fingers crossed.)  Rylie's mom is not a knitter, nor has she ever thought about knitting, so I know that sending her the label with wash instructions will be pretty pointless, but here is hoping.   This sweater is very soft and I hope Rylie will like wearing it.  I made the collar shorter and didn't do the short rows (hate short rows!) so I just winged it.  Hopefully it's not "choke-y" around the neck.  Kids hate that!


For such a small sweater, it's pretty hefty, weighing in at 491g.  Since my previous total was 3647g, I am now down to 3156g.  Yay!
That would be Knit-Wit helping out by keeping the pattern book open.  What a good kitty!  Mind you that is not what I was telling him when he wouldn't leave the knitting needles or yarn alone.  Got to take the good with the bad.  He'll be in his teenage months only so long...

Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday Felines with a Knitting Kick

Thomas is such an opportunist!  I took out the drawer with all the zippers and when I went to put it back, Mr. had already made himself a nice nap corner.  Because what are ribbons if not more decorative with a little cat hair?
Zeus and Knit-Wit battling it out, again.  Didn't appreciate the interruption by the looks of things.

Dinner time at the zoo.

Now for an update of my Halloween Dash.  I haven't figured out my actual goal yet, but I suspect I might start by trying for 4000g since I want to use partial balls of yarn and that would make too fiddly to figure out the actual yardage used.  Weight is easier since I have a scale. 

So far, I have knit two pairs of Briggs and Little socks for my husband, each weighing in at 176g and 177g respectively.  Not a bad start.  I'm working on another pair of socks, these ones considerably lighter, which might not be in my favour as far as this tally goes.  It's a skinny pair, and we know a ball of yarn for those only weighs in at 50g, but the yardage is considerable.  It all adds up, the way I look at it.

So I have only 3647g to go.   I can do this.