Friday, September 28, 2012

More Socks and a Kitten

Just a little over a month to go to Halloween.  Although I'm not exactly "dashing" along, progress is being made in the Halloween Dash.  I completed another two pairs of socks weighing in at 332g. Subtract that from my previous total of 3156g and I'm down to 2824g.  I also have a pair of skinny socks about 3/4 done and a pair gloves for which I need to knit three more fingers. Can't count them until they're done though.  I'm thinking a cotton sweater should go pretty quickly and put a nice kick into that total. I will be stash diving this weekend for something appropriate. 
I can't miss out on posting a picture of a little someone for Friday Felines.

1 comment:

lexa said...

What gorgeous coloring on that kittie! And his/her eyes match! What a beauty. :)