Thursday, July 31, 2008

World Sock Domination?

Holy cow! Everywhere I dropped by this morning, everyone is knitting socks. I am getting a major case of socktitis (like startitis except socky). Dorothy has new sock yarn, Lexa has another gorgeous pair finished posing with some beautiful lilies (did I ever mention that yellow is my favourite colour!?), and Donna has socks going on at her place. I especially like those pretty blue ribbed ones with the little cables on the sides. I must definitely make some of those!

I may have moaned out loud that everyone is making socks except me, and hubby promptly piped up and said he could use at least four more pairs. Huh. That's not exactly what I had in mind. And let's face it: I'm starting to suspect my sock yarn stash has been reproducing. Pandora seems particularly fond of spreading it around the house in the deep of night, taunting me. Seriously!

Did you guys hear that Grey's Anatomy is not coming back on in September? What am I supposed to knit by now? I mean there is House and NCIS and Criminal Minds.... But Grey's always provided opportunity for belly laughs. Oh well, no good thing can last indefinitely. It's only TV after all.

I already told Dorothy and the gang visiting her blog, but here is a news flash: Zellers is now flogging Briggs & Little Heritage, at $3.99/hank. Oh, yeah! May there never be another mitten or hat knit out of acrylic yarn, ever again!! Beautiful bright colours too. Ladies, grab your dpns...

Finally, some pictures of yesterday's adventure, that made my heart glad.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Then There Were Two

First, just a teaser for Dorothy: PIF is ready for assembly...

And because Dorothy is in need of reading material, today I will tell a sordid family tale.

Naturally, it starts with a boy and a girl. Girl was a sucker for a guy in uniform. Hubba hubba. Girl falls in love with boy. Turns out that boy comes with a package from previous marriage. I can do this, she thinks to herself. Wow, raising kids is hard. Talk about jumping out of the pot directly into the fire! Having done the diamond ring thing, they combine households. The absentee mother of boy's offspring appears out of the woodwork to stir up trouble. They all persevere. There is a marriage. Then there appear two bundles of joy in relatively short order.

They are one big happy family (more or less). Occasionally, just when things are going well, the "other" keeps stirring pot and emotions there in, you know, just to keep things interesting. The offspring are all growing up healthy and with good manners. They all endure a couple moves, between provinces, treating each as an adventure. Good times and some bad times. Lots of pictures for the photo albums. Lo and behold: the first batch of kids are already teenagers! Where have the years gone? Second batch of kids are starting school. Oh the happy boy and girl are starting to feel their age.

Then, one dark and stormy night (actually I don't remember if it was in fact stormy), girl and first daughter get into huge argument. First daughter leaves home. Decides to live with original mother. Nah, that doesn't work out, so first daughter moves in with her best friend. Wow, this daughter is sure getting around this country: three provinces in less than a year. She appears to be happy with her decision to be estranged from her family. She is living her life. She meets boy. She gets pregnant. She gives birth to bouncing baby boy. She still resents contact with family. Father of baby turns out to be a lazy slob so she moves out on her own with baby in tow. Gee, she finally realizes it's rather difficult to work and take care of baby and get education all at the same time. She agrees to let lazy slob's parents care for the baby while she works and goes to school. Oops. Not such a good idea. She contacts her family for advice. Holy cow; almost five years have passed and there are lots of hurt feelings to overcome. Enter stage left first son and his girlfriend. They convince first daughter to come back with them to family home. Emotions run high. The air is electric with venting of past hurts. A truce is called. All is good. First batch and second batch of kids is reunited and happiness abounds. There are many promises to never let it happen again.

All is good.

Time will tell. So, first daughter is on the South Shore, and will be studying culinary arts come September. And first son, he just moved out to live with the girlfriend in NB, and look for work while he waits to get into the military. And now there are two. It's much quieter in the house these days (unless second son and daughter get into one of their discussions). Parenthood: isn't it great.

Let me introduce you to my step-grandson. This is Dawson:
Stay tuned for the continuing saga of our clan.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Forgot to clarify from previous comments:

PIF = Pay It Forward

Double Digits

My baby (miracle) boy has reached double digits. When did that happen? So since it was such a momentous occasion, it required a momentous celebration. The house was packed to over flowing with family near and far, and friends. Naturally, not even 15 minutes before we went out to start the barbeque the sky opened up with a torrential down pour, and continued to rain for the remainder of the afternoon. Hubby braved the weather and the party was a huge success as proclaimed by the birthday boy, "this has been the BEST birthday EVER!" That's really something, coming from this 10-year old. His blanket is finished too. And loved and put to use already! I couldn't ask for better thanks.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Still Alive

And knitting:

  1. 1 pair of Tuffy socks for hubby

  2. 2 pairs of ankle socks for me

  3. 6 washcloths + (halfway through the 7th)

  4. almost finished birthday boy's crocheted blanket (2 hanks of Atlantic to go and it's done; I even wove in the ends the other night!); picture once it's delivered tomorrow.

  5. started on PIF project for Dorothy (I'm not even going to hint at it, except to say I love it, and may have to make one for myself, and another for standby gifts! I hope it's going to be liked by Ms Doro-Crafts.)

All that in less than a week. BTW, does anyone have the 5th season of West Wing? I just finished watching the 4th one (my knitting background noise) and now gotta know if the President's daughter is rescued. Gotta know!

Oh, yes, and Barbies aren't just for little girls, didn't you know? I won some lots on ebay, and the UPS dude delivered the package yesterday. Fun was had by all (except hubby; he took the photo proof).

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Another creation completed. 100% wool raglan, seamless construction, my original design, destined for the Candle in the Window (for sale). Many thanks to my gracious model for allowing me to take numerous pictures while he roasted and teetered on the edge of spontaneous combustion in the sweltering heat.

Close-up of sleeve pattern.
The sweater is blocking after a thorough soak. The top photo shows the truer colour.

I also cast on some ankle socks, at long last. I've been meaning to make at least a couple pairs since I haven't been able to wear any shoes lately with bare feet without getting painful blisters. They're so fast, maybe I'll make a pair for each day of the week. One is already done, the other half-way through the heel flap. Silly daughter already tried to abscond with the first one, throwing over her shoulder: "cozy!" with much glee. I don't think so! Mine, I say. And yes, indeed, I am fickle. The mitten is temporarily on hold. Socks are a more immediate need.

Finally, here are some photos of my Ink and Paper Swap Gift. Totally awesome.

Jayme (Chiquitadequeso on Ravelry) sure got my number! Yarn in my favourite colours, 2 packs of gorgeous stationary, dark chocolate (how did she know that's my favourite?!), grapefruit bath fizzies, post cards from Santa Barbara, Irish breakfast leaf tea, blotting paper, and fountain pen ink in Rose Cyclamen. Love it all!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


On a beautiful day in Nova Scotia, the Annapolis Valley as seen from the South Mountain.

There were cow sightings, and once we started driving on the fire roads, lots of pretty butterflies (feel free to help me out with the variety). There were so many in the couple places that we stopped that it really wasn't much of a challenge to catch them in our hands.

Of course the kids were significantly more excited about jumping in for a swim in one of the many lakes in this part of the province.

While they cooled off, I reverted to exemplary knitterly behaviour and cast on a mitten. After all, we may be blessed with glorious heat and sunshine for another couple months, but snow is sure to fly here, sooner than any of us will be prepared to welcome it.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Hopefully some photos are going to be enough to say that I've updated this blog. I know I haven't been keeping up with it, as with so much else that has been requiring my attention. Anyhoo, on with the show.

That's Pointdexter, looking to be a road-pizza. Middle of the road is not a good resting spot.

This was a pleasant surprise growing beside the shed. This clematis' flowers are huge. If anyone knows what this variety is called, give a shout in the comments.

And my favourite.