Thursday, July 24, 2008

Still Alive

And knitting:

  1. 1 pair of Tuffy socks for hubby

  2. 2 pairs of ankle socks for me

  3. 6 washcloths + (halfway through the 7th)

  4. almost finished birthday boy's crocheted blanket (2 hanks of Atlantic to go and it's done; I even wove in the ends the other night!); picture once it's delivered tomorrow.

  5. started on PIF project for Dorothy (I'm not even going to hint at it, except to say I love it, and may have to make one for myself, and another for standby gifts! I hope it's going to be liked by Ms Doro-Crafts.)

All that in less than a week. BTW, does anyone have the 5th season of West Wing? I just finished watching the 4th one (my knitting background noise) and now gotta know if the President's daughter is rescued. Gotta know!

Oh, yes, and Barbies aren't just for little girls, didn't you know? I won some lots on ebay, and the UPS dude delivered the package yesterday. Fun was had by all (except hubby; he took the photo proof).


Dorothy said...

man oh man oh mister ... I hate it when people give hints about things. Especially when it involves me!!

Ali P said...

I was just assigned my first ever secret pal swap partner. Its very exciting and scary.
Barbies: Oh I loved my Barbies. I think my mom still has them. STAY OFF EBAY!!
Internet shopping: I am ordering a full set of Harmony 6" DPNs from Knit Picks today. And a set of 2.75's for extra since I use that size alot and have more than one pair of socks on the go usually. I am so stoked.

lexa said...

Love those footies!