Monday, July 04, 2005

About James

This is James. He doesn't like rainy days much. Can't you tell? Good thing the sun is shining again.

He's lived here at the farm about a year now.
There he was, sitting on the side of the road one day as my daughter and I were walking to visit a neighbour. He was all fluffy and very kitten-cute. All kittens are cute, right? So naturally we stopped and gave him a pat and a scratch behind the ears, and resumed our walk, only to find him following us. HONEST!! We DID NOT say "here kitty, kitty" in hopes of having him walk with us. He did that all on his own. We thought he went back to where he came from when we didn't see him on our walk home. But when we were almost to the house, there he was again. Kind of skinny and hungry looking... So only naturally I set out a bowl of food and water for him on the deck. (Not in the house. That would have been the equivalent of inviting him to move in!) Over the next couple days I made phone calls to try find his owners in hopes someone would claim him. Nothing. On the second day, my darling hubby (not cat loving person, as he tells everyone) told me I might as well bring him in the house. (We) I already had five (5) cats at that time. The rest is history. He made himself at home very quickly. Got along well with the other cats, to my surprise.

Turns out he's a fine mouser too.