Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Look what I did today:

It's for a quilt called Ribbons from a book by Carol Doak called Your First Quilt Book (or it should be!).

Now you know why the sweaters (plural!) are going so slowly. Ooops!

Monday, March 22, 2010

So Green

Not our lawn, not yet.

FYI, this colour is not even a little bit accurate. It's almost 10pm and the light here sucks. The actual colour is a lovely soft chartreuse. This feather-weight of a sweater-to-be makes me very happy.

There's also been moderate progress on the Olympic sweater. I can't get over how slowly these sleeves are knitting up, but I suppose it's all relative to how much actual knitting time I dedicate to it. Huh.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Warm Welcome

To welcome Spring, Nova Scotia pulled out all the stops including 20 degree Celsius weather. It was nothing if not spectacular. But Nova Scotia weather being what it is (fickle), today's temperature barely crawled over +5. Talk about a reality check.

That's fine. Really. Hubby made a nice fire in the fireplace. I even got back to knitting on my Olympic sweater, seeing as I may actually still need it for the next few months. Truth be told, the ladies at Friday Knit Night guilted me into it. One in particular. I haven't seen her in four weeks, and when she saw the body of the sweater laying in my basket, she remarked how much I had got done in just that short time. I confessed that the body has been done for over two weeks. I then proceeded to explain my issues with the sleeve (read: state my excuses) and how the sleeve has languished in the basket for better part of the week without a single stitch of progress. (Because I started another quick and dirty sweater as my avoidance technique, and on which I had every intention of knitting that night.) Now it's starting to look like neither sweater will be done by the end of this month. Que sera...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lambs Abound

Yes, indeed. The lambs arrived early and have been sticking around. Knock on wood.

And because such glorious weather is hard to resist, I have been venturing out of the house, chaperoning various activities at the kids' school, and basically trying to wake up from my winter hibernation. The sunshine and blue skies definitely help.

What they don't help is getting my knitting done. I've been an absolute slacker in that department. Ever since I had a dropped stitch mishap on one of the Olympic sleeves, progress has been virtually non-existent. See what I did here? I can't remember if I saw someone do this before or if I read about it somewhere, but let's just say it worked. I used an extra needle to pick up stitches along the round where I had the dropped stitch. Then I just pulled out my dps and started ripping. I didn't have to worry that I would rip too far because my good stitches were already on that extra needle. Then I worked the missing stitch and I was off to the races, or rather off to read a book after all the stress of a very preventable goof. (Should have been paying more attention to my knitting than the movie that I was using as background noise.) Nifty, I tell you. Don't ask me why it took well over an inch of knitting to discover that my pattern wasn't lining up. Duh. Yeah, so sad. Right. I'd really like to be wearing my pretty sweater soon. To update, I have the body done. I haven't done any actual cutting yet. I plan on blocking the body and having the sleeves finished before I commence mutilating my knitting. That's to say that I intend to pick up my knitting again and start working diligently on it until it's completion. HEH

Thursday, March 04, 2010

In Like a Lion

True enough. Notice how if someone has nothing better to talk about, they'll revert to talking about the weather? Yup.

So. Ever since the rain and warmer temperatures have taken most of the snow on our property, effectively turning the back yard into a swimming pool, I take it as a personal affront when more seasonal weather occurs. Like this wet snow and hideous winds. Brrrr Just listening to the wind makes me cold. Forcing myself out of the house is a major event, like this morning when I had to meet our 4-H general leader to pick up our family's share of chocolate bars to flog to the unsuspecting neighbours. I tell you, I'd much rather have preferred to stay in the house, bundled up in wool, and read. (Hey, I was some what productive yesterday: the family has clean clothes to wear again, and I baked 4 loaves of bread so no one will starve to death, and I thwarted the monster dust bunny take-over.)

So that's that. I have no pictures today...too lazy. I did finish the body of my sweater last night and even started the lace on the first sleeve.

That's all I have. I'm waiting for the lamb part now. I am so ready for spring....