Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lambs Abound

Yes, indeed. The lambs arrived early and have been sticking around. Knock on wood.

And because such glorious weather is hard to resist, I have been venturing out of the house, chaperoning various activities at the kids' school, and basically trying to wake up from my winter hibernation. The sunshine and blue skies definitely help.

What they don't help is getting my knitting done. I've been an absolute slacker in that department. Ever since I had a dropped stitch mishap on one of the Olympic sleeves, progress has been virtually non-existent. See what I did here? I can't remember if I saw someone do this before or if I read about it somewhere, but let's just say it worked. I used an extra needle to pick up stitches along the round where I had the dropped stitch. Then I just pulled out my dps and started ripping. I didn't have to worry that I would rip too far because my good stitches were already on that extra needle. Then I worked the missing stitch and I was off to the races, or rather off to read a book after all the stress of a very preventable goof. (Should have been paying more attention to my knitting than the movie that I was using as background noise.) Nifty, I tell you. Don't ask me why it took well over an inch of knitting to discover that my pattern wasn't lining up. Duh. Yeah, so sad. Right. I'd really like to be wearing my pretty sweater soon. To update, I have the body done. I haven't done any actual cutting yet. I plan on blocking the body and having the sleeves finished before I commence mutilating my knitting. That's to say that I intend to pick up my knitting again and start working diligently on it until it's completion. HEH


lexa said...

Nifty way to fix the dropped stitch problem.

Maybe you'll get a lot of knitting done today. Don't now what your forecast is, but it's supposed to rain down here. It's cloudy and not looking too good out right now. I didn't knit a stitch yesterday, don't think I knit Friday, either. That's bad for me!

Holly said...

It is a great looking sweater! Hope the rest of the knitting goes much smoother.

(and just think of all the new skills you have learned....

Caroline said...

That technique sounds perfect, kind of like your own version of a "life line." Awww. Sorry about your knitting probs. It's the story of my knitting life.