Sunday, March 21, 2010

Warm Welcome

To welcome Spring, Nova Scotia pulled out all the stops including 20 degree Celsius weather. It was nothing if not spectacular. But Nova Scotia weather being what it is (fickle), today's temperature barely crawled over +5. Talk about a reality check.

That's fine. Really. Hubby made a nice fire in the fireplace. I even got back to knitting on my Olympic sweater, seeing as I may actually still need it for the next few months. Truth be told, the ladies at Friday Knit Night guilted me into it. One in particular. I haven't seen her in four weeks, and when she saw the body of the sweater laying in my basket, she remarked how much I had got done in just that short time. I confessed that the body has been done for over two weeks. I then proceeded to explain my issues with the sleeve (read: state my excuses) and how the sleeve has languished in the basket for better part of the week without a single stitch of progress. (Because I started another quick and dirty sweater as my avoidance technique, and on which I had every intention of knitting that night.) Now it's starting to look like neither sweater will be done by the end of this month. Que sera...

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Pam said...

sounds like you all have similar funky weather as we do. When Spring starts here it takes weeks of roller coaster weather before the temps even out. I remember when we were up your way years ago ( it was the first of May), temps were really warm (80 degrees F) but after we left I think it started snowing again. lol!
I hope it warms up for you all soon!