Monday, February 23, 2009

Sorry to Disappoint

Sorry to disappoint you all but no Polish jail for me. I had a grand time. Warsaw has changed so much. The weather has been kind, with no snow and temperatures hovering around 0 degrees for much of the trip. It wasn't until the last week that I got a taste of a Polish winter, with snow blanketing the city, causing traffic jams and many car accidents. Like anywhere, really.

I'm still in Ontario for another couple days. Vacation officially ends Wednesday evening. Get this: I speak Polish at home with my mother. No news flash there. But who knew that it would be such an adjustment to communicating in English again? See, when I speak either language, that's the language that my thoughts and memories are recorded in. So to tell you about all the weird and wonderful things that happened to me, I will have to translate, which, while not overly difficult, it is time consuming. That's all to say that over the next little while I will bore you to tears with tales of my time in Warsaw, with photos. Lots of photos. I took well over 800 of 'em!

Hey; on the knitting front, the Debbie Bliss sweater is complete. Colin's cabled socks are complete (shhhh! don't tell him. It's a surprise.) I re-knit the button bands and neck of the Lopi sweater, too (grrr!)

Later, gators!

P.S. I was terribly saddened to read about Dorothy's mother passing on. Drop by her place and let her know she's in our thoughts. (Link in the sidebar.)

P.P.S. I promise I won't bug you to post for a while, Dorothy. Take care of your self and family.