Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Blizzard in Spring

I'm really hoping that this will be the last one of the season.  I might be fooling myself.  Mother Nature sure likes to mess with us here in beautiful Nova Scotia. 

This is a really bad picture of me and Purl after a little 4.17km jaunt through the blizzard.  Us girls needed to get out and stretch our legs. I worried that we might get blown away a few times but we persevered.  We encountered flying shingles on our walk/run/stumble so you know some homes didn't fare so well.  We should be thankful that we still have power, flickering but we have it.  Purl and I were on the home stretch when everything went dark in the neighbourhood.  Very eerie. Kind of spooky. The power outage only lasted a few seconds and slowly one street lamp came back to life.  The gusts pounded us with snow.  We kept on.  And get this!  About midway through our walk:  lightning! So bizarre. 

If you will notice, picture.  After a long hiatus. Turns out that Firefox was the answer.  Thank you, RobinH.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Holy Cold Snap!

I am so glad today is a bit warmer.  I've been hanging out laundry on the line all week, and sometimes it felt like my fingers would fall off.

The cold hasn't stopped Purl from wanting to be outside, playing fetch, even though as the snow has melted over the weekend, the flash freeze turned the whole back yard into a bumpy skating rink.  (I admit to fits of laughter when her poor doggie legs fly out from under her as she races to get the ball before it stops moving.)

Round two of a nasty cold hit me yesterday.I always enjoy it when my hubby tells me I look like hell.  Gee, dear, that's really  helpful and makes me feel so much better.  There are times when I would prefer not to hear the truth.

But you want to know something??  Spring is just around the corner!  Honest!  I kid you not!  I do hope Mother Nature got the memo.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

I Did It!

I raced in my first half marathon!  That's a pretty big milestone in my running career.  It's not everyday that I go out there with the intention of running a 21.1km and think, eh, that's was easy. 

The Hypothermic Half, with its pathetic excuse for an organized event, was a pretty decent run, as far as the route went.  Even Mother Nature cooperated by not making it miserably cold.  Granted, it did start to snow rather heavy during the last 7 or 8km and between the melting snow and steam on my glasses I seriously wondered if I would end the run with a spectacular wipe out (for which I'm starting to get a reputation) by not being able to see.  All is well that ends well, as the saying goes.   I could have done better if I put more effort into it (I was so not feeling the love for this race) but for me, finished in 2hr23min16sec is perfectly acceptable.  I got the bling.  I ate a very overpriced brunch at the Atlantica Hotel.  I will not run in this race again unless there are some major improvements.  Like access to changing facilities, and more than 2 port-a-potties.  And something more at the finish line in terms of refreshments than water.  And the hat and glove combo instead of the standard t-shirt that came with registration?  Don't even get me started! 

So yes, I did it.  Got the bling to show for it.  Now onto bigger and better races.  Maritime Race Weekend is going to rock!