Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Holy Cold Snap!

I am so glad today is a bit warmer.  I've been hanging out laundry on the line all week, and sometimes it felt like my fingers would fall off.

The cold hasn't stopped Purl from wanting to be outside, playing fetch, even though as the snow has melted over the weekend, the flash freeze turned the whole back yard into a bumpy skating rink.  (I admit to fits of laughter when her poor doggie legs fly out from under her as she races to get the ball before it stops moving.)

Round two of a nasty cold hit me yesterday.I always enjoy it when my hubby tells me I look like hell.  Gee, dear, that's really  helpful and makes me feel so much better.  There are times when I would prefer not to hear the truth.

But you want to know something??  Spring is just around the corner!  Honest!  I kid you not!  I do hope Mother Nature got the memo.


Rena said...
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Suburban Correspondent said...

I am just gasping that you are line-drying laundry in below-freezing temperatures.

Nice meeting you, by the way!