Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At the Library

What a way to spend half the day. I'm not complaining. The Lawrencetown library has excellent air conditioning. That's almost as good as rain.

Earlier this afternoon the kids attended a computer workshop, learning to edit video and voice. Apparently it was very cool. Also the last of the three week series. After a couple hours we aimed for home for dinner, making a pit stop at Dan Haas for fresh veggies and half off perennials. Tomorrow might involve putting in a new flower bed. There is a garden club BBQ scheduled for tomorrow evening, although I haven't decided if I will attend. Lately, evenings find me hiding in the house from mosquitoes. Nasty blood suckers!

Tonight the kids are enjoying the 'tween lounge, which is highly popular. Activities vary: they sometimes watch a movie, do a craft, play Wii, meet other kids. It's great! And they're not at home complaining of boredom or fighting. Yay!

Other news... The Friday Nite Knit Club has moved to the Greenwood Mall food court, since we got booted out of the library. If all goes well, I'm considering keeping it was our new permanent location instead of returning to the library once September rolls around. More room, food and drink are encouraged, and no one tells us that we're laughing too loudly. Heh

I've discovered a new writer: Kerry Reichs (Kathy Reich's daughter). Wonderful writer. I read leaving Unknown last week. I laughed. I cried. I was sorry when the book was over! I wanted more. What a talented story teller. And completely different style if you are not a fan of her mother's writing.

What else... I am still on a yarn diet, unbroken. I am so proud of myself! Currently I'm working on a Briggs & Little sweater for sale, out of Anniversary Twist. I'm using a pattern from Patons Back to Basics II. It's flying. Back and left front done, and half done on the right front. I like. Excellent stash buster. Yes, for the moment the long janies I started are on the back burner and will be my travelling project, the one that I take to knit nite. Yes, Olympic sweater is still snoozing. Do. Not. Judge. Me.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Too Close for Comfort

Huh. I finished my cotton cardi yesterday. So what do I see today on the Fall Knitty? Iced Cardigan.
Now check out My design:

I knit both sleeves last year and set them aside for brighter, newer projects. On WWKiP Day I cast on the body. I considered the shawl collar. Thank goodness I didn't go there. Spooky weird coincidence.