Saturday, July 26, 2008

Double Digits

My baby (miracle) boy has reached double digits. When did that happen? So since it was such a momentous occasion, it required a momentous celebration. The house was packed to over flowing with family near and far, and friends. Naturally, not even 15 minutes before we went out to start the barbeque the sky opened up with a torrential down pour, and continued to rain for the remainder of the afternoon. Hubby braved the weather and the party was a huge success as proclaimed by the birthday boy, "this has been the BEST birthday EVER!" That's really something, coming from this 10-year old. His blanket is finished too. And loved and put to use already! I couldn't ask for better thanks.


Dorothy said...

Beautiful blanket, and Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy!

lexa said...

Happy birthday! Love the blanket. Tomorrow is my husband's birthday, but you have to add 26 to your son's age to get his!

Caroline said...

What a beautiful blanket. He looks so cozy with his cup of "tea""