Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Cabin in the Woods

Two pairs of gift socks in two days. I even shocked myself. But my hands didn't thank me the next day. The yarn is Briggs and Little Anniversary twist. Matching socks for the 18 year old dude and his biggest fan, the 9 year old dude.

The blanket under the socks is coming along too. Slowly. I admit it's already been put into service. Maybe another 18" or so and it will be big enough for a king sized bed. Then I'll have to consider some kind of trim or edging. Something nice to dress it up a bit. But I tell you, there is nothing like wool. This sucker is heavy, and warm! Long live sheep, long live wool.

That's me in our semi-finished addition. See that wool blanket being put to use? (The date on the picture is wrong... it was taken two days ago when I was gabbing on the phone with Alison, and knitting on one of those socks pictured above. Multitasking: how else do you think I managed two pairs in two days??) The Olympic sweater and the blanket, and the three kittens on my lap and legs were totally necessary as the addition is unheated and tends to be on the cold side.

This was our annual trek through the back 40 to select a Christmas tree. It was a long easier walking last year without all that white stuff on the ground!

Getting a tree off our own land: one more reason I love living in the country.


Mary Anne said...

oooh, I love the picture of your trek through the woods to choose a Christmas tree! and you snuggled under your blankie with the kittens to keep you company, how wonderful it is.

Ali P said...

Love the post. Those socks look great. Man, you were fast with them.
I remember that phone call in the photo...LOL He is suck a pest!

See you in 7 days!!!