Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Valley

We had a showing today. Noon-ish. A very good time for a showing. The kids gone to school and still enough time to make the house shine, and even grab a shower. Did I ever tell that I don't do mornings all that well?
This showing was a very pleasant experience, compared to the last one this past Friday. Maybe it's that we've passed the insane cleaning stage. Maybe we've finally gotten into a grove, a rhythm, of getting a house ready for a showing. Maybe we've gotten back to living full time, and selling house as an afterthought. It's now as stressful, either way.
Oh yes, and today's prospective buyer? Total eye candy! WOWweee

So, the looker (hee hee) and real estate agent weren't down the driveway yet when I suggested we take a drive to the Valley. Hubby didn't need to think twice. This is the best time of the year to visit the Valley, if you ask my opinion. We were going to get a bin or two of carrots from Sawlers (cull carrots for the deer, and my farm critters) and of course get some fine fresh veggies in bulk at wholesale prices. I love it! 50lbs of beets; 25lbs of onions; 10lbs of turnips and cabbage respectively...

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I am thankful for a good growing season. And local produce. (Have you read The 100-mile Diet? A must. An eye opener!)
The apple trees are so tremendously burdened by the fruit this year, that we saw the odd tree laying on it's side, trunk snapped under the weight (2nd picture). Hubby's good friend and friend's family own several large orchards around Berwick (that's one of theirs directly above). Visiting this time of year is out of the question. Once all the trees are bare and only clean up remains, then will be time enough for stopping by and chatting.

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