Thursday, October 04, 2007


Ughhh. Another showing. A re-showing, I should say, but not until 4pm. The guy from last Friday is bringing wife and kids. Hubby is elated. Me, not so much. The guy was a jerk. Or maybe it's just that my first impression of him was less than favourable. I suppose it really doesn't matter what his personality is like if he has enough cold hard cash to buy this place. Must remember to keep it all in perspective. At least it's a gorgeous sunny day, and not pouring like last Friday.

Valley trip continued, in pictures. That's hubby, spreading the carrots around so we don't lose any on the way home. We managed to get two bins on my truck. One bin's weight? Between 700-800lbs! There is a good work truck, working. As it's meant to. Not just a toy. hee hee

Check this out! Cables! And twist2tog!

What would be the point of getting a truck load of carrots if not for a carrot sword fight?


Alison said...

Actually, what is the reason for getting a truckload of carrots? Other than the carrot sword fight, of course. If one bin is 700-800 lbs, and you got two bins, you have 1400-1600 lbs of carrots, and I just can't imagine what you would do with that! I love the carrot in front of the steering wheel, standing with his arms crossed!

Alison (the other one)

Ali P said...

Those are some crazy twisted carrots baby.
Yay kitty pics!! More plz?