Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Feel Good Weekend

Another Monday morning. Oops... it's Tuesday already, isn't it? Okay then. Moving right along.

To update, Saturday evening hubby and I went up the road to Charlie's camp (a short way past our back 40) for a drink and a chat around the camp fire, and I had the pleasure of meeting his wife Maggie and their friends Mary and Ray. We had a great time. It's nice to get out of the house and visit with people. It turns out that Maggie is a knitter. She commented on my socks when I slipped out my feet to warm them by the fire... It was a rather cold evening. "...did you use variegated yarn or your own pattern...?" I must have had a smile a mile wide, I was so pleased that she noticed they where hand-made! Totally cool. Originally from Cape Breton, she also knows how to spin, and told stories of evenings at home when she was young, picking and carding fleece and of course spinning! Now she and Charlie live in Blandford on the ocean, and invited me down, to try kayaking. Wow! Did I mention I got on really well with her and the others and had a simply wonderful time? I sure did. Yes, I did! LOL
* * *
Sunday morning while I slept in, hubby and Brianna went up Lake Pleasant Road scoping out places for deer hunting (she's an early riser just like hubby). I knew they were planning on going to the camp after that, because Charlie and company had said they would drop by on their way home. Eventually, after bringing the house to rights and doing odd jobs around the house, the boys and I decided to ride to the camp on our bikes. Another beautifully crisp, sunny day. We ended up staying at the camp for lunch (partridge that hubby got on Saturday morning's hunt with the kids). We headed back home after I finished one of hubby's patchwork socks and didn't have other knitting with me!
That evening we watched a video I borrowed from the library, Medicine Man with Sean Connery. Brianna fell asleep half way through. It was a nice cozy family evening. I loved it.
Yesterday's highlights:
  • While Colin stayed home with me, the rest went up the road looking for more partridge. No luck. Hubby claimed it was because Colin didn't go, and he was the good luck charm. Hubby did say he saw a huge buck just on the other side of the small lake. He was so excited I kept hoping he wouldn't have a heart attack.
  • I sized up the turkey, but she ended up getting off with her head intact. A male meat bird wasn't so lucky. He met his end in a quiet and dignified manner. After throwing some grain down, I just sneaked up behind him and grabbed him by the legs which I tied together for later hanging. The bugger had it coming that's for sure. He's one of two that sometimes would peck my leg or foot when I was throwing leftover bread to the chickens. Nasty.
  • I made more bread, this time rye and organic white. The 12-grain that I made on Friday wasn't a big hit as usual, and the leftovers get hard after a couple days (the chickens never complain!). On the other hand, the two loaves of plain white bread? One was gone even before I got home Friday night!
  • Chatted with artist friend on the phone, since couldn't go visit with bird in the oven.
  • Still reading The Time Traveller's Wife and loving it!
  • Read three chapters of Colin's book, Icefire by Chris D'Lacey. We're getting close to the end but I couldn't keep going. My throat kept getting too dry. Very good book. About dragons. It's a trilogy and now I wish he had gotten the first book so we could have read them in order. A nice mother/son quality time together. He likes it, and so do I, when I read to him.
  • Finished hubby's patchwork socks: they ended up being fraternal, not identical. He said he doesn't care. I made them, and they're wool and that's good enough for him. He loves wool socks. I may have mentioned this fact before. But he has standards: they must be Briggs and Little wool socks, not fancy skinny wool socks!

Today? I don't know what today will bring. Hopefully my books that I bought on crack-bay. Hubby is in the woods, working. Sawing lumber for Bob the baker. That means I have the house to myself. I've already been tidying up and the dishwasher and washing machine are going. It's so quiet. Lovely. I originally toyed with the idea of cleaning out the kids' closet under the stairs, but that will be a humongous job. But it desperately needs doing. I wonder how long I can avoid it... After all, I have a great book to read and lots of pretty wool to play with...

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