Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trashed House

Knitter on a rampage. All in the name of wool. Last night I started knitting socks out of the same wool (Patons Classic) from which I made my March Madness Sweater. I got to the end of a partial ball and went looking for more. There began the madness. I knew I had lots and lots. It wasn't in the bar with a couple other current projects. Not in the wall unit cupboards. Other wool and patterns and accessories went flying every which way. I knew it had to be somewhere close.... Finally I went to the barn to check if it accidentally got hidden out there with the major part of the stash. Four boxes later, and I finally found it. Went back into the house and realized how much damage I caused. It resembles much like a hurricane had blown through.
Now, hours later, the mess still hasn't magically cleaned itself up. Welllll.... It will have to wait til tomorrow. I am rebelling against the strict spotlessness that I have been attempting to maintain in the name of selling this house.
I deserve a break.

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