Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!!

This year we spent Christmas at Mathew's home in Saint John. We stayed for a week and that was plenty. Long enough to enjoy each other's company and get to know the grandson better, not long enough (I hope) to get on each other's nerves and wish to never do it again. Just right.
Here's Brianna snuggling with Rylie. They got along famously.

I knit, I visited with old and new friends, I shopped, I played with Rylie, I learned a new card game, I ate lots of turkey, and then I knit some more. Socks and fingerless mitts. Everyone got new hand-knit socks for Christmas except Rylie and yours truly. I plan to rectify that in this new year. Rylie got to learn a new word "YARN" since he took a fancy to the wool out of which I was knitting his mommy's socks. Oh, and I did some sock warranty work. I started before we left Saint John, had the first sock re-knit by Moncton (I was re-knitting from the heel flap down), and had only the toe remaining to knit by the time we got home, but that's only because I took over driving somewhere in NS. I don't even remember now when I started to drive (Sackville maybe?). I do remember that once we got outside Windsor the weather turned nasty. By Kentville I was only able to drive about 70km/h and past Kingston no more than 40 or 50km/h. On the highway. It's always so good to get home. It was even better once we saw that there was no damage to the house or when we found out that we still had power. We weren't sure what we'd be getting home to when we saw all the power trucks on the road. We had expected the worst so it was quite a relief to get home to everything intact.
Oh yes. See that picture? We had the privilege of babysitting Brianna's class guinea pigs over the holiday and naturally had to take them with us to NB. Rylie fell in love. He couldn't stop kissing Snowball every time she was out of the cage. But we weren't allowed to put the guinea pigs in his lap or he started screaming. Oh, the trauma the first time we tried it.

See that look on Zeus's face? Not impressed. He's pretty good at holding a grudge. It's not like I abandoned him, and certainly not on purpose. A few days away and he didn't want to have anything to do with me. Talk about getting the cold shoulder from a cat. Eventually he came around and then I couldn't get away from him, he was sticking to me like glue. Mr. Lovey-Dovey.
It's good to be home.
Happy New Year to one and all.


lexa said...

Happy New Year!

Cats are fickle, aren't they? We were only gone for one night, so the cats pretty much ignored me when I got home. The dogs, however, acted like I was gone for a month and were all over me. The animals weren't alone, though. Ma came down with the kids so she could look after the dogs for us, too.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday.

Be glad all the cat gave you was the cold shoulder! I had a cat who used to leave little presents in my bed if I stayed away too long (and they we're chocolate buttons!)

Pam said...

Happy New Year!!