Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Blues?

I've been recently told by a friend while we were chatting on the phone that I was being horribly negative. Really? I felt the need to apologize and shortly thereafter we said our goodbyes but that statement made me think. I like to think of myself as a basically positive person, the glass is half-full not half-empty type. I have bad days and I've been known to spend those days in bed with a book, but those don't come as often as they did. Living with chronic back pain guarantees some cranky-bitchy-non-Mary-Sunshine days. Some. As opposed to most. The point? I guess sometimes it's nice to be able to vent with a girlfriend and allow her to do the same. Other times, when your girlfriend listens to you bitch and complain and carry on, it's her job as a friend to call you on your bull and put a stop to the pity party. And if you have a true friend like that, you have to remember to not only apologize but to also say thank you. Because let's face it: all of us have oodles of acquaintances that pass through our lives every single day but true friends are a rare and precious gift. One more thing: those same true friends expect you to call them on their crap. Be brave.

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