Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not Enough Time In the Day

Lately reading has been stealing time from the knitting. I'm not going to list all the different books I've been reading but I've finally decided that I don't have enough time to read crappy books. That is not to say I only read classics or things your Literature professor would approve of, but I have been giving myself permission to not finish a book that doesn't hold my attention or is just plain boring. It leaves me with more time for books that I actually enjoy. Yay! Because there will never be enough time to read as much as I want. Granted, it doesn't help that I'm a slow reader. So it goes without saying that knitting hasn't been getting it's time in the sun, never mind the housework.

On the knitting front, I finished a pair of thrummed mitts I started a week ago during our knit night get-together when I taught thrumming. Brianna decided to claim those. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn, so one thumb is a lighter shade of pink. (Photo one of these days.) I wasn't about to break my yarn diet for the sake of a meter worth of yarn. But since I took that meter from a skein I had in my stash, it became an exercise in stash busting. Yay! Gotta love that. Since I had wound that skein I figured I might as well make something for myself and so I knit myself a nice hat, with yarn left over. Darn those generous Briggs & Little skeins. Grin! With the left overs I started knitting wrist warmers. One is done and I hope to finish the pair today. If I can tear myself away from my latest book, that is!


Caroline said...

Ha, ha, I've been kind of doing the opposite. I have been getting behind with my reading because I can't stop knitting. I even went to my first book club meeting ever without having read our book.

I totally agree with you about quitting books that just aren't doing it for me. I do like to give a book a chance, but sometimes you can just tell that it's not for you.

Dorothy said...

I have been hearing felted bowls calling my name ... too many projects on the go!! Forget books - no time for those :)

Anonymous said...

Your teaching was successful - and it might be contagious!
I've been talking to one of the people you taught. She is about halfway through her first ever pair of thrummed mittens. And listening to her makes me want to knit a pair too!