Wednesday, February 09, 2011


The granny square is now 62" X 62". Big, but not quite big enough.

As for the yarn diet, it lives on. You guys were NO help in trying to help talk me out of adding more to the already monstrous stash. But thanks for all the encouraging words. In the end my laziness prevented me from having to explain to my dear husband why I was bringing more wool into the house. I had to drive my daughter to a couple functions last Saturday and I was more interested in spending quality time on the couch than behind the wheel driving out to Gaspereau. Long live Lazy!


Pam said...

wow, that's pretty impressive! I wanna see a picture.

Dorothy said...

I want to see a picture too.

I was wondering if you had gone to Gaspereau or not ... figured not because there had been no pictures.

I need to go somewhere to find some yarn for a shawl. But, first need to figure out what color and how much I need. Did a crazy thing and joined a shawl swap!