Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Progress comes in many different guises.
For one, this is something I'll call extremely small progress, based on past performance. On the other hand, Monday was for spinning again. I've had to put a yoga mat under my wheel to stop it from sliding on the hardwood floor. Thanks to Tina's encouragement and a full afternoon this is what I will call Major progress. I stopped when my back couldn't handle any more punishment. An almost full bobbin of, far from perfect, but spun fibre. It appears that I prefer to spin finer singles. Tina's final parting words: "For homework I want two full bobbins so we can ply next time." Gee, not asking for much, eh, Tina? Tired as I was, I was eternally more grateful that she has taken me on as a student.
Zeus made only a very brief appearance to check things out while Tina was here. He must have understood in some part of his kitty brain that she's allergic to cats and kindly made himself scarce. Good kitty.

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Pam said...

that is so cool that you spin your yarn!