Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

And suddenly there is a Demand (yes, with a capital D) for wool knits by my first born. He might have mentioned in passing last week that he needs wool socks because it's going to be winter soon and he's outgrown most of his other pair. Today when he came home from school, soggy and cold, the need turned to demand. As in "how fast can you knit me a scarf and some socks in blue and gold (the school colours)? Tomorrow?" He looked so cold and so hopeful. And obviously delusional.

Looks like I might have to pause the mitten knitting for now (I finished another pair this morning) to fill his order. Not by tomorrow, no matter how desperate and hopeful he is. I love that kid. Tomorrow I go stash diving. There might be something in there in the desired colours.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

It's hard to pass up a request like that eh?

lexa said...

It's chilly tonight! I turned my furnace on a few minutes ago for the first time. I was freezing. The next two days are supposed to be cool, but the weekend is supposed to be back up to high teens/20. Wish we could keep that year round!

My oldest just got out a pair of his knit socks to wear to bed, and they had a hole in them. So I cast on a new pair for him tonight. :)

Ali P said...

Its only 16 degrees in my hallway where the digital thermostat is and I REFUSE to give in and turn on the furnace. Even thought there was snow mixed in the rain this AM (SLEET in October!!) and hailstones tonight as I left work. Colin is a brilliant boy and knows the value of good homemade woolies. I hope he never stops!
Mine guys need new wool socks too but they have man sized feet now so I might just buy them some worksocks with a good wool content.