Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hi! Did You Miss Me?

Has it really been three months? Good grief! Bad blogger (hangs head with shame)...

  1. Happy New Year 2007! Did you get excited by that?? No? Me neither.
  2. My knitting needles have forgiven me for abandoning them for so long. There has been knitting done (and small projects completed). Show and tell to follow.
  3. After I gave notice at the sewing thing, it still took over a month and a half to find a replacement, but I was positively gleeful when that miracle occurred!
  4. I quit being a diamond pusher a week before Christmas. I don't tolerate unprofessionalism from anyone, especially from co-workers that should know better, and double that in front of customers.
  5. More additions to the farm: a Holstein moo named Moonlight and her offspring which I named Fudge. Happy, happy. Milk, anyone?
  6. From the original ten, I'm now down to six chicks and I suspect that two are roosters.
  7. New flooring on main floor of the homestead at long last. I am thrilled.
  8. My daughter missed her cat so much and lamented her lack of a pet, that I allowed her to pick one from my hay dealer. That's Sugar, cuddled up to Fang (SPCA cat that still needs a home).


Ali P said...

Basia, I am uber peeved that you never told me about your blog. I could cry that I have missed reading so much.
I feel like I'm back home when I read your entries and seee your pictures. Oh the good visits we had. I miss you. Than Goddess for MSN and blogs.

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog & saying hi! I can never figure out how to reply to comments via blogger, so here I am! :) I actually started a new blog - since my old blog's too big to switch to the new blogger - & if you want to see what I've written so far, it's at

And have a happy new year! I've added your blog to my rss feeder :)

Lene Andersen said...

Welcome back! And yes, I did miss you. Looking forward to seeing what's new around your neck of the woods.

Gorgeous kitties.