Thursday, April 01, 2010

Reasons to Be Cheerful

I enjoyed Canary Knits' list so much, I thought I'd like to make one of my own (and because several of her items are also on my list):
  • getting coffee in bed (apparently not every husband delivers coffee to his wife in bed...that makes me pretty darned lucky, and definitely cheerful (once I get that caffeine into me!)
  • cooking books, mainly Joy of Cooking and Food to Die For (which has the absolute best pizza dough recipe EVER)
  • perfectly cooked pasta
  • polite, well-behaved children (although those are a rare breed)
  • photo albums
  • thunderstorms (complete with lightening that brightens up the whole sky!); what a perfect time to curl up with a great book
  • art supply stores
  • pretty notebooks and journals
  • pen pals
  • yarn... lots and lots of different yarn
  • beautiful fabric... lots and lots of different fabric
  • book stores
  • libraries
  • cats that like to snuggle
  • being able to hang laundry out on the line
  • bird song in spring
  • spring flowers emerging from still partially frozen earth
  • cheesecake!
  • favourite magazines
  • watching movies with my kids
  • the colour yellow
  • flowering house plants
Oh, and how is this for a tease? We passed this sign this past weekend on the way to Moncton where hubby attended the Fly Fishing Forum. And me on a yarn diet. Damn.

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Pam said...

what a great list! I love the color yellow too. I brought some lemon cupcakes to work today and everyone wa stalking about how the color and flavor reminded them of this time of year.