Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Mouth

I should have left well enough alone and not commented on the weather. Remember that Blah post? Where I said "it hasn't snowed"? When will I learn that those are fighting words with Mother Nature? And she always gets her shots in? And that I should never, never complain, not even in a back handed sort of way? To wit:
A bit hard to see in that picture? How about this next one?

It looked like the poor waxwing was barely holding on and certainly didn't stay long. Didn't even make it to the feeder; maybe just stopped long enough to catch his(?) breath.

So yes, we had some nasty wet flurries this morning... Not enough to whiten the lawn but enough to make life miserable for the wild life and chill you right to your bones if you ventured outdoors for any length of time.

But look who showed up again!

You lookin' at ME?


lexa said...

Luckily we only got rain here on the South Shore!

Ali P said...

Nice shots of the waxwings and cardinals.
Can you zoom any tighter? Just curious.

Holly said...

I am clueless on Canadian geography - are you anywhere near either Halifax or Sydney????

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Ali P, those shots are zoomed in as far as my camera could go, including cropping the photos.
Holly, I'm about 2 hours south-west of Halifax, on the opposite coast in the Annapolis Valley.