Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Busy Bee

That would be me. I have a hard time believing that I've actually gone a couple days without turning on the computer! Appointments, meetings, harassing the school, exercise.... Bleh...
I miss the good ol' days where I could sleep half the day and spend the second half either reading or knitting. Darn good weather. I haven't even had time to spy on the birds as much.

Happy news: my backyard has acquired three more apple trees. That makes me very happy! I'm still plotting the death of a certain willow tree that causes me more work and grief than I'm willing to deal with. Unfortunately its huge size is problematic in the removal plot. Now if I had unlimited funds....No problem.

There has been some minor knitting going on. The Olympic sweater languishes on, as socks have taken over my knitting. One pair each for me, hubby and first born already finished. Another pair for hubby and son with half foot on each remaining.

Spring clean-up has come and gone and with it our old hide-a-bed from the family room. Good riddance. Not to the dump, though, believe it or not! An older couple was cruising by within a half hour of our wrestling it to the curb and zap! Another half hour and it was gone! So now the gigantic living room couch is in the family room and the living room looks kind of naked, but I'm good with that. It's nice to sit on something that won't cripple you after watching a movie.

Big news: I am working on creating a community garden in my town. Lots of work, lots of interest from the public in terms of it being a great idea, hardly anyone willing to put some muscle where their mouth is and get their hands dirty. Which is one of the reasons I've been so busy.

That's it for now. Must go put my ankle up...sprained it last night playing soccer in the back yard with youngest offspring, and after a long day, it's swelling like a poisoned puppy.


Ali P said...

I'm proud of your community gardens effort!!!

lexa said...

Our spring clean up was last garbage day. A screen door with no glass or screens and no handles found a new home, and one of the broken wooden chairs I threw out did, too. The kid next door asked if he could have the broken exercise bike.

Dorothy said...

I'm proud of your garden efforts as well! And of you for playing soccer with the kids.
I haven't found anything good to pick up out of the garbage this spring :(
Off to 4-H Weekend in a couple of hours. Our club has 2 teams taking part in the Horse Classic.