Thursday, May 20, 2010

UP Date

It's been demanded of me, in no uncertain terms. An up date. Two words. Not one. Thanks, AliP for that kick in the seat. (Note that she's not Miss Keep-My-Blog-Updated-On-A-Regular-Basis either. HUH)


I've been knitting socks. Lots and lots of socks. Between annihilating dandelions in my lawn and in the garden at NSCC, that's kept me busy and tired, it's provided me with a great sense of accomplishment. Oh, and a ginormous blister on the palm of my right hand which has provided the dandelions with a short reprieve. There have also been 4-H meetings, a whirlwind visit from Mathew (my step-son and provider of most resent grandchild-8 months old in 8 days!) Did I mention the sock knitting? And even some crocheting to de-stress. Nothing like single crochet to blow off steam: and only a single stitch to worry about if things go wrong.

I am proud to say that I have not violated my yarn diet as of this writing. (huge grin) Although when AliP informed me that Tangled Skein is selling off stock and closing its doors, I just about cried. The injustice! She may have mentioned something about my yarn acquisition issues... I tried to ignore her but hundreds of skeins and balls and hanks of yarn don't lie. Shame.

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal have been visiting several times a day, making my little heart ever-so glad, but for now I've given up stalking them with the camera. Last Friday at the Middleton Farmers Market I purchased some ever bearing strawberry plants and promptly took them home to create a new bed for them. I look forward to months of yummy. Tomorrow is Friday Nite Knit Night at the Middleton Library so you can find me there after 6:30pm. I've started thinking what to do for the World Wide Knit in Public Day (second weekend in June). Considering the success of my little knitting club, I feel obliged to organize something memorable.


Pam said...

You'll have to snap some pictures from Knit Nite. There was a blog I use to read years ago and she went to those in her town. I think they also showed a movie. It sounds like a great time.

Lene Andersen said...

I think you should break the yarn diet for the store closing. Look at it as rescuing the poor yarn and giving it a good home.

Holly said...

socks are good, for that matter, they are essential.

now, how about pictures and another update?