Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Beware, as this post is heavy with pictures. Yay! Turns out that I killed the camera, not the memory card. I couldn't be happier!
So let me show you some of my favourite moments from the 4-H Provincial Show Weekend.
I love sheep, yes, I do!

Alison Made a Friend
Getting Sheep Love!
Me and Dorothy with our Pay It Forward purses (just a little bit wet!)

Hooked sheep... So cute!

The Champion Sewing Project... The dress was fully lined with fur
Sheep and Highland Cattle at Lismore Sheep Farm

Helping with the blogging was too much work for Zeus.


lexa said...

So your camera is kaput? Fuji sells a nice waterproof/shockproof/freezeproof/dustproof camera for $199, we carry them. Pretty colors, too - pink, green, blue, silver. (Well, they're all those proofs to a point, you can't drop it from the roof of a building, lol, and you can't take it deep sea diving!) Glad you got your pictures!

Dorothy said...

Glad you got the pictures!!
I loved that coat/dress. It was beautiful. Didn't realize it was fur lined though. WOW!!!
My sewing group has grown by 2 girls, just because of Pro-Show.

Ali P said...

I miss my sheep-friend already. And it was WONDERFUL having you stay over.

Pam said...

Ah! I love your little blogging companion!
The sheep are so cute. The people who bought my grandparents farm (after they passed) raise sheep. So strange to see sheep grazing the fields where I watched cows graze when I was young.