Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yes, There Was

Frost. Hubby actually scratched at it on the roof of his truck early this morning to prove it to me, so I wouldn't call him a liar. It was thick frost, not just the stuff that melts away the moment you touch it with your finger. It seems the Yarn Harlot and I think along the same lines. I almost stole her title, since that was my topic of choice for today. I don't like to seem like a copy-cat so I'm glad I decided to read her blog first. Heh. Turns out she was mostly talking about knitting anyway. Yeah, imagine that.

The flower beds have been getting cleaned out slowly, the flowering shrubs getting their last haircuts of the year. The pathetic vegetable garden needs to be cleaned out and put to bed. Although the last of the cherry tomatoes are still turning red, the flavour is gone. Bleh. I should not waste any time digging up new flower beds for a few things I still want to plant for next year, before the ground frost sets in. I suspect it won't be long now, but when it actually arrives it always proves to be a surprise to me. Denial perhaps? Weird.

Although the knitting I've been doing has been rather boring, mainly wash clothes (6 of them) and socks (still working on that order: I've started the fifth pair), my fingers are itching to start knitting cozy winter stuff like hats and scarves and mittens. I am bored to tears of the work horse yarns, namely cotton and B&L Tuffy. I want to knit with soft, pretty, squishy wools. I have Christmas gifts to knit too, although this year there will also be sewn gifts. Not that I'm counting but have you all noticed it's just over two months until "that day"?


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I noticed a little frost here this morning too, but it was the thin melt-away kind. It's certainly chillier though!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

lexa said...

No frost over here yet, but we've had warnings the past few nights. Gets quite chilly. I haven't turned on the furnace yet, but I did get some oil delivered yesterday.

I mowed part of the lawn today after I bagged up seven bags of leaves first. I have to finish it tomorrow before it rains on Friday and Saturday. Next week I will have to get out and cut down my flowers. Not something I look forward to doing.

I'm itching to start some mittens for the boys, but I have to get that felted slipper order done first. I also want to finish my cardi that I started last January!

Dorothy said...

What gifts are you going to sew? I need some home-made gift ideas.

Working on 2 different pairs of socks at the moment - and have another pair that were just ordered last night. Plus dish cloths. Plus other things on the list. Why do we wait till Oct to start the Christmas knitting?? We know all year that it's coming!

Pam said...

No frost here yet too but I think we are right around the corner from it.

Didn't you say once before that you met Yarn Harlot?

Heddy said...

Hi barbara:

It is that time - I have finished my Random Acts of Kindness projects, and you had signed up to be one of the recipients, and in turn do 3 RAKs yourself ... it has been over a year, and I apologise for being pokey, but sometimes it takes me time to "get my craft on"!

Please send me your mailing address again (i dot am dot your dot buddy at hotmail dot com)as so much time has p[assed that I have lost the original you sent (sorry).

I will get it off in the mail in the next week,

Thansk oodles :)