Sunday, January 24, 2010

Long Live the Art of Letter Writing

No, I don't mean emails. The pen and paper kind. The kind where you take time to pick out some nice stationary. Perhaps even pick out a stamp at the post office from the philatelic collection for a truly one of a kind gift that the recipient is sure to treasure. After all, presentation matters just as much as the words. It's proof positive that you've dedicated time, that most precious commodity, to that one person: the addressee.

There is a reason that letter writing still makes the news occasionally, and why there are plenty of sites on the world wide web dedicated to the art of letter writing as well as pen pals. Even Ravelry has a Penpals group! Let's not forget all the blogs.

In this digital age, I am thrilled that there are still people out there that put pen to paper. I am one of them.

You know what? You can even do it when the power goes out!


Pam said...

I like to write and receive handwritten letters. They are just so much more personal. I will admit though that I've fallen a bit in the digital trap these days.

Ali P said...

Is this a hint? But you know all my news because we yak all the time.