Friday, August 03, 2007

About Yarn Harlot

A couple days ago I sent off an email to the Harlot's publishers to get info on the tour. Living up to their "wonder" reputation, I received an email today that stated that the Harlot "will be doing a knit and talk from 6pm -9pm at the Lord Nelson Hotel in the Regency Ballroom. There are no tickets required for this event and books will be on sale at the event as well." Mark it on your calendars: August 7th! Yarn Harlot in Halifax!

I am contemplating taking the following day off work so I can stay in the city and party it up a bit, with my knitting naturally! I even got a new camera to break in! So excited... Of course, I'm probably the only one, right?

Who else is planning on attending???

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ICJ said...

Oh boy! I wish... Could you tell me where you sent your email? I would like to know if/when she will come to my area. Thanks!

BTW, I got the teapot at - the link to the teapot directly is in the post - but you might want to look around for other models... They are all so cute! I wanted one with the strainer.

Have fun meeting the Harlot! I hope to read all about it soon, and see PHOTOS!

Say "Hi" or "Bonjour" for me! :-)